Ironic mis-flights of tourists 3

Ironic mis-flights of tourists 3

Some places in the world are located far away from each other but have similar names such as Granada and Grenada, or Salvador and El Salvador, which has led to funny and funny mis-flight situations for tourists.

Due to a moment of negligence, many passengers went to the wrong tourist destination and many of them filed a lawsuit against the airline.

Going to Granada and then going to Grenada

On June 23, Edward Gamson – an American dentist – sued British Airways for taking him to the wrong pre-booked location.

Instead of going to Granada (picture above), Edward Gamson was taken to the island of Grenada (picture below).

The dentist claimed that the Florida-based airline agent put him and his companion on the wrong flight, which caused him to miss a trip to study the architecture of the city of Granada – where there are monuments.

`I made it clear to the ticket agent that I wanted to go to Granada in Spain. Yet they let me go to Grenada,` Edward Gamson complained in the Independent.

However, British Airways refused to refund Edward’s $4,500 first-class ticket and he is filing a lawsuit demanding compensation of up to $34,000.

Because the two places Granada and Grenada are very similar, mis-flights are not uncommon.

However, the travel agency mistakenly wrote Granada as Grenada and everything was only discovered after the old woman was seated on the plane to the island in the Caribbean Sea.

Ironic mis-flights of tourists

Mrs. Lamenda Kingdon was also taken to the wrong destination because the names were quite similar.

Going to Salvador, Brazil then going to El Salvador

Orin and Melissa are newlyweds from Darwin, Australia.

When they arrived in El Salvador’s capital, San Salvador – a city famous for its high crime rate and lack of safety, the Australian couple really `got excited`.

Ironic mis-flights of tourists

Instead of going to Salvador, Brazil, the Australian couple was taken straight to San Salvador.

Going to Florida and then going to Pittsburgh

Ironic mis-flights of tourists

Grandma Maria and her son Robert.

The second time was in 2013, when the old woman also took a Southwest flight, flying to Fort Meyers, Florida.

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