iPhone 6 - driving force for Asian economy 2

iPhone 6 - driving force for Asian economy 2

Apple's next product launch is expected to boost many Asian economies and increase export revenue for component suppliers here.

The Wall Street Journal quotes a close source as saying that Apple is asking component suppliers to produce up to 80 million products, 30% higher than last year’s orders for the iPhone 5S and 5C.

The American technology giant does not disclose the names of suppliers.

Apple uses many Asian suppliers in iPhone production.

A Japanese Government official estimates that the new iPhone model can increase the country’s demand for electronic exports by 5% each quarter.

`The growth in semiconductor output is certainly related to the upcoming iPhone launch,` said Anita Hsu, an economist at Masterlink Investment Advisory.

Japan Display (Japan) and LG Display (Korea) are Apple’s two largest screen suppliers.

Catcher announced record sales in June. Largan also had the second highest sales that month in history.

Previous iPhone launches have significantly boosted business for Asian manufacturers.

Randy Abrams –  analyst at Credit Suisse said iPhone could help Taiwanese companies achieve revenue of 17.9-26.9 billion USD this year.

Tom Kang – analyst at Counterpoint Research said Japanese companies – such as Japan Display and Sony will be the biggest beneficiaries of Apple’s supply chain.

In the second quarter of last year, right before the iPhone 5S launched, Japan Display announced a quadrupling of profits compared to the previous year.

However, not all companies benefit from Apple.

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