Interesting things about the power couple Ivanka - Jared 0

Interesting things about the power couple Ivanka - Jared 0

As a powerful assistant to the US President, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner attract public attention, but they are quite secretive about their private lives.

Ivanka replaced Trump to run the White House meeting

Ivanka Trump as assistant to US President Donald Trump

Work brings them together

They first met in 2007 through the introduction of friends.

Initially, mutual friends introduced the two to each other for the purpose of expanding business relationships in the real estate world.

`Friends simply thought we would become business partners. Now every time we meet them, we joke, ‘That was the best deal,’` Ivanka Trump told Vogue magazine.

They broke up because of family pressure

In 2008, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner briefly separated because Kushner’s parents wanted their son to marry a Jewish woman, according to New Yorker magazine.

Although Ivanka Trump is willing to convert to Judaism, Jared Kushner’s parents still do not approve of the relationship between the two.

During the brief break-up, Ivanka Trump was very miserable and hurt because Kushner did not stand by her.

`I know Jared loves Ivanka very much, but religion is important to him,` the New Yorker quoted Nitin Saigal, a mutual friend of the two.

They reconciled after a weekend trip on a yacht arranged by Wendi Deng Murdoch, the ex-wife of media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

According to Fortune magazine, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are also good matchmakers, having successfully cooperated for at least 7 couples to get married.

Announce the proposal via social networks

Interesting things about the power couple Ivanka - Jared

The two met in 2005 and married in October 2009 after a three-month engagement.

Ivanka announced her engagement to Jared Kushner in mid-2009 via Twitter.

Jared Kushner personally designed the engagement ring with a 5-carat diamond.

Their wedding was held in October 2009 at the Trump family’s golf club in New Jersey with the participation of 500 guests.

Devout Jewish family

Ivanka Trump said converting to Judaism was `the wisest decision of her life`.

When accompanying President Trump on his first foreign trip, the couple had to receive rabbinic approval to fly on Air Force One.

Traditionally, Jewish believers strictly observe the taboos of the Sabbath, a weekly day of rest that begins before sunset on Friday and ends after sunset on Saturday.

On the Sabbath, they do not work and spend all their time with their families.

Separate work and personal life

Interesting things about the power couple Ivanka - Jared

The couple maintains a weekly date routine.

`Jared and Ivanka are the model of a modern family that doesn’t like to draw public attention to their private lives,` said Ivanka Trump’s brother.

`They were like a young couple from our parents’ generation in the 1980s,` Don Jr. said.

Ivanka Trump and her husband maintain the habit of going on dates once a week.

`We had dinner together at a restaurant in Brooklyn and suddenly he took me to the rooftop in the middle of heavy rain, in the middle of the night, to show me a plot of land he had just bought.

Although both do business in real estate, they do not work for the same company.

`Ivanka is definitely the CEO of the family,` Jared Kushner joked.

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