Innocently 'eat clean, breathe dirty' 11

Innocently 'eat clean, breathe dirty' 11

Many people spend a lot of money to buy clean, organic food, supplements, functional foods, etc., but pay little attention to air quality.

In large cities, air quality is getting worse, greatly affecting people’s health.

Every day, when I monitor air quality forecasting applications, I am quite confused.

We all know that air pollution has serious consequences.

In the short term, air pollution can cause symptoms such as pneumonia and irritation of the skin, eyes, nose, and throat.

Surely you will be very surprised when WHO studies have shown that each year up to seven million people die due to air pollution, many times more than traffic accidents and five times more than war.

>> ‘More than 100 billion VND for road cleaning only solves the problem’

We can go without food for a few months, without water for a few days, but we can’t go without breathing for a few minutes.

There is a rather funny thing going on in Vietnam, that is, Vietnamese people pay great attention to investing in health care, but seem to `forget` the terrible harmful effects of air pollution.

Many people are still innocent, do not wear masks, run around on the streets all day, many houses cannot plant a few trees on the balcony, many people shop for all kinds of entertainment amenities, but do not buy one for themselves.

Every citizen can limit the harmful effects of air pollution by limiting the agents that cause fine dust, planting more trees in their home, using masks or other types of air cleaning equipment.

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