Idol-crazy teen syndrome 6

Idol-crazy teen syndrome 6

Insisting on going to see a Korean idol singer perform, Quynh (15 years old, living in Hoang Van Thu, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City) was strongly forbidden by her parents.

As the only child of a wealthy family, Quynh’s parents gave her everything she wanted.

Forbidden by her parents to go out, the calls of her friends and the rising passion for idols made her think of a plan to use a sharp knife to cut her hand many times to threaten her.

Ms. Truc, still in shock about her daughter’s actions: `I didn’t expect her to be so reckless, she never dared to disobey my husband and I.

In the case of Ngoc (18 years old, living in District 7), when she watches Korean romantic movies, she imitates the actions of the actors, from the style of dress, hair, to her hobby: `The sisters are pretty.`

Sharing the same passionate passion for idols, twin sisters Mai and Van (in 11th grade, living in Nguyen Huu Canh, Binh Thanh district) had to beg for several days, both internally and externally, to gather enough money.

Immediately after that, the two made plans to quit school and hunt around stores to find shirts with their idol’s image printed on them.

Many teenagers excitedly waited for their idols at the airport.

Ms. Tram, Van’s mother, could only shake her head as she watched the two girls’ car disappear with their friends.

Once by chance, Ms. Tram saw a clip of welcoming an idol singer at Tan Son Nhat airport posted on the Internet. She was shocked to see girls sobbing because of their idols.

Ms. Nguyen Thi My Linh, Director of the Center for Research – Applied Psychology and Community Communication, affirmed: Teenagers having idols is absolutely a good thing, it not only enriches their spiritual and entertainment life.

However, the fact that young people are so crazy about idols that they are controlled to affect their studies and health is a concern for both family and society.

Teenagers are an age full of dreams, they always want to learn and imitate and follow their idols.

From an educational perspective, Master of Education Pham Phuc Thinh, consultant at Bridge of Happiness Center, said: The idol craze phenomenon is caused by many factors. The first is the psychological characteristics of the age group.

Idol orientation changes with age. At every age there are idols, the only difference is in the way they appear on the outside.

`When you love a certain singer, or like a certain actor, recognize those idols as normal people, they have good points and bad points. Love them for their good points and bad points.

Mr. Thinh also shared: Parents should not be shocked when they see their children showing signs of liking idols.

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* The character name was changed

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