Hundreds of refugee children in Sweden mysteriously fall into a coma 5

Hundreds of refugee children in Sweden mysteriously fall into a coma 5

Many refugee children in Sweden mysteriously fall into a coma and do not wake up for many years, medicine cannot explain.

This condition puzzled doctors because testing of the children’s brains showed that they still responded to waking and sleeping, despite appearing unconscious.

According to reports, the mysterious disease was first discovered in Sweden in the 1990s, growing rapidly in the mid-2000s. From 2003 to 2005, there were 424 cases reported.

Neurologist Suzanne O’Sullivan went to Stockholm to study two sisters with this condition.

`Finally, in the most severe stage, children cannot eat or open their eyes. They are completely immobile,` said Suzanne O’Sullivan.

According to Dr. O’Sullivan, these children suffered psychological trauma long before falling ill.

Djeneta (right), a refugee girl from Rome, has been immobile for two and a half years.

After waking up, a little girl said she felt like she was living in a dream and didn’t want to wake up.

Theories to explain the disease are still incomplete.

Another study noted a deficiency in the stress hormone cortisol, supporting the above hypothesis.

O’Sullivan believes the condition may be related to negative experiences in the patient’s home country.

Doctors say the above resignation syndrome only occurs in asylum seekers from Eastern Europe – where community and family norms rank above personal needs.

On the other hand, children will suffer from resignation syndrome when their family is not allowed to stay.

Under pressure from the public, Sweden amended its regulations to ensure children were not deported and approved asylum applications for hundreds of families.

Mai Dung (According to Times, New York Post)

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