How long does it take for kidney stones to be eliminated from the body? 4

How long does it take for kidney stones to be eliminated from the body? 4

Stones under 6mm in size usually take from one month to more than a year to be eliminated from the body.

Kidney stones are solid particles formed by the natural crystallization of inorganic crystals in urine.


Whether or not stones can pass out of the body naturally depends largely on size.

Stones over 6 mm in size usually require medical intervention to remove.

Size plays a decisive role in whether kidney stones can pass from the body on their own or not.

Gravel location

Although size is the main factor that determines whether the stone will pass on its own or not, the location of the stone in the ureter also has a significant influence on this process.

Only 48% of kidney stones located at the end of the ureter but at the junction with the kidney can be excreted without medical treatment.

Method to help kidney stones excrete faster

One of the simple methods that can be done at home is to drink lots of filtered water and sour fruit juices such as lemon, orange, and grapefruit.

Small stones are often easily eliminated from the body, so patients should follow a diet low in salt, calcium, and protein to avoid increasing stone size.

The elimination process can be quite painful; pain relievers such as ibuprofen cannot speed it up but will help make the process more comfortable.

In some cases, patients will need some non-surgical medical treatment to pass the stones.

Some patients will be advised to undergo lithotripsy.

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