How does plasma help Covid-19 patients recover? 0

How does plasma help Covid-19 patients recover? 0

Plasma from recovered people can become a secret weapon to create an effective immune response for Covid-19 patients undergoing treatment.

Patients recovering from Covid-19 donate plasma in Shandong, China.

Researchers are launching trials of infusing plasma from the blood of recovered Covid-19 patients into sick or high-risk patients.

For his pioneering research on the first use of blood plasma to treat leukemia in 1891, German physiologist Emil von Behring was awarded the Nobel Prize in Biomedicine.

Previously, difficulties in collecting large amounts of plasma from infected survivors prevented doctors from being able to fully utilize this passive immunotherapy.

The defense army of the immune system

The immune system of people who have recovered from Covid-19 has found a way to fight and defeat nCoV.

For example, each nCoV is covered with spike proteins that they use as keys to open the door into the cell to infect.

One goal of vaccine experts is to find ways to promote the production of specific antibodies.

Vaccines take advantage of the above mechanism to stimulate an immune response and then rely on the immune system’s memory to prevent pathogens if exposed.

Example from Ebola virus

In addition to their role in blocking pathogens, antibodies are also beneficial in treating viral infections.

In that situation, ZMapp, a mixture of 3 synthetic NAbs, showed promising initial results in improving the condition of people infected with the EBOV virus that causes the Ebola epidemic.

Applies to nCoV

A report published on April 6 in the journal PNAS by a group of scientists in Shenzhen, China, shows that plasma containing antibodies from people recovering from Covid-19 successfully treated 5 patients.

Supplies of convalescent plasma isolated from people recovering from illness are too low for widespread use.

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