Hong Kong announces security law 3

Hong Kong announces security law 3

The security law allows the new mainland agency to take over `complex` cases that are not under the control of the Hong Kong government.

The full text of the security law with 6 chapters including 66 articles was announced by the Hong Kong government on the night of June 30, after it was signed into law by Chinese President Xi Jinping and approved by the city government.

The maximum penalty for each type of crime is life imprisonment, while the recommended sentence for some types of misdemeanors is less than 3 years in prison.

Suspects can be extradited to mainland China in cases involving `complicated situations` of intervention by foreign forces, cases where local authorities are unable to effectively enforce

Hong Kong people who support the security law celebrate on the street after the law was passed on June 30.

The law allows for the establishment of a mainland security commission in Hong Kong to enforce security laws.

Article 54 of the law stipulates that the new national security commission, together with the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong and the special zone government, must adopt measures to `strengthen the management` of non-governmental organizations

Information about the activities of the new security committee will not be disclosed and its decisions are not subject to any judicial review.

The law also gives great powers to mainland security officers who carry out their duties in Hong Kong.

A local police unit will be established to gather intelligence and investigate cases.

Hong Kong announces security law

Hong Kong police were dispatched to a shopping center to disperse protesters protesting the security law on June 30.

The Act on Protecting National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was signed by Mr. Xi on the afternoon of June 30 after being approved by the Standing Committee of the National Assembly of China at the 20th session.

However, many countries and organizations expressed concerns about the new security law.

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