Honda CBR150R - sportbike for daily use for new riders 2

Honda CBR150R - sportbike for daily use for new riders 2

The 150 cc engine is just enough for the CBR150R to bring a sporty feeling on asphalt and flexibly overcome bumpy roads when traveling.

For motorcyclists, CBR is a familiar name, ranging from low displacement levels such as 150 for beginners to 1,000 for experienced people.

With sports motorcycles, in the medium and large segments, performance is a prerequisite.

New generation Honda CBR150R in Hanoi.

Honda CBR150R - sportbike for daily use for new riders

The sporty appearance of the new generation CBR150R inherits the design from its predecessor – superbike CBR1000RR-R Fireblade – with sharp lines.

The highlight of the appearance lies in the LED headlights, shaped like a pair of eyes, with the pair of daytime lights above resembling furrowed eyebrows.

The new LCD color screen digital clock cluster displays full information, quite easy to recognize but a bit difficult to observe because of glare if it is sunny.

The most notable upgrade on the new generation CBR150R lies in the pair of Upside Down front forks of the Showa brand, replacing the telescopic type.

Large capacity fuel tank of 12 liters.

Honda equips the new generation CBR150R with a one-cylinder engine, 150 cc capacity, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injection, capacity of 17 horsepower at 9,000 rpm, maximum torque of 13

With the shape of a racing car or city car, the car is aimed at young customers who are using a manual transmission for the first time and often travel within the city.

The CBR150R has a comfortable sitting position and throttle and clutch lever when riding on the street.

Honda CBR150R - sportbike for daily use for new riders

Not only flexible in the city, CBR150R also conquers off-road roads.

Not only in short distances, when driving on long distances, following the frontage road along Thang Long Avenue, maintaining a speed of 50-60 km/h, the vehicle operates flexibly, with a comfortable sitting position and windshield.

CBR150R can also conquer off-road roads.

Driving the CBR150R along the lot, I encountered curious eyes, expressing skepticism about a car intended only for the street but being used off-road.

Thanks to its price advantage, genuine CBR150R prevails over private imports.

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