Hoang Quyen transforms in her debut single 1

Hoang Quyen transforms in her debut single 1

Vietnam Idol 2012 runner-up is charming in pop R&B, sophisticated in acoustic space and rebellious in dubstep mix.

The voice that once gave musician Le Minh Son `goosebumps` has now truly matured.

With her debut single, Hoang Quyen hopes the audience will follow her through each emotional level of the songs.

The single includes 3 songs showing Hoang Quyen’s research and efforts.

Unintentional Leaf – the song that Hoang Quyen successfully performed at the Top 10 Vietnam Idol 2012 Gala night is also included in her debut single as a thank you gift to the audience for supporting her during her participation in the competition.

Hoang Quyen transforms in her debut single

Vietnam Idol runner-up is trying to assert her own path.

After the story `The One I Loved` has a contemporary and youthful melody and musical color and `The Unintentional Leaf` is expressed in a narrative and uplifting style, the singer born in 1992 wants to bring a vibrant and strong song.

The single `The One I Loved` is the first step for Hoang Quyen’s next musical projects in the near future.

Huy Pham

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