Ho Ngoc Ha took advantage of the opportunity to show off her husband 3

Ho Ngoc Ha took advantage of the opportunity to show off her husband 3

The female singer claims to be a very jealous person, but she also doesn't forget to affirm that her husband is the one behind her that helps her shine at work.

The fourth live show of the Got To Dance contest – Passionate Dance, took place in Ho Chi Minh City on the evening of November 9, live on VTV3.

The remaining eight singles and doubles groups of the final round will have a competition with the theme Freestyle – Transformation with props.

After the rather dramatic confrontation between the Oh group and the Bubble Family group in the Freestyle and Parkour Freerunning categories, singer Ho Ngoc Ha commented that she liked the way the Oh group danced more.

Ho Ngoc Ha’s exciting moment while watching the Got to dance competition night on November 9.

Next, in the competition between two groups of child contestants, Ba Thien Than and dance partners Tuan Phong – Tu Kiet in the dancesport and breaking categories, Ho Ngoc Ha continued to be cleverly criticized by MC Khanh Thi about her and her famous husband.

While interviewing Tuan Phong about the fact that this young male contestant always had female partners who danced a head taller than him, Khanh Thi suddenly redirected the question to Ho Ngoc Ha because she thought this case was similar to hers.

With this answer, Khanh Thi still did not stop and continued to corner the female judge so she could talk about family matters.

In the fourth live show, eight groups of contestants were divided into 4 duels, bringing the audience many emotions.

Ho Ngoc Ha took advantage of the opportunity to show off her husband

The Three Angels group completely conquered the audience with age-appropriate dances.

The children are still young, and in terms of physical strength and physique, they are not as good as other contestants.

The dance variation from the story Little Red Riding Hood on the evening of November 9 demonstrated the creativity of these young contestants.

Ho Ngoc Ha took advantage of the opportunity to show off her husband

Group Oh had a dance performance about female jealousy, bringing a vibrant atmosphere to the show.

The remaining competitions such as group Bang Linh and group 218 in their dancesport and folk dance competitions, group S.I.N.E and group Game Start in the competition in the hiphop category all bring their own excitement to viewers.

At the end of the fourth live show, in addition to the eight winning groups after two qualifying rounds, there were also two more groups saved by the audience through text message voting.

Summary of the group of contestants in the next round:






November 2

– The Clown’s Secret

– To Lam

– Rebel Clowns

– Toan Trung – Tung Phuong







– Bang Linh

– OH

– Three Angels

– The Game Begins






The group is saved by the Audience

– S.I.N.E

– Solar system



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