‘Her’ - loneliness in the technology world 1

‘Her’ - loneliness in the technology world 1

The film in which the fiery beauty Scarlett Johansson only acts by voice takes the audience to the end of loneliness in an era where humans depend on machines.

In the current era of rapid technological development, it seems that the boundaries of space, time and differences will be erased and people will become closer together.

Poster for the movie `Her` – one of the 2014 Oscar candidates.

Like director Spike Jonze’s two previous films, Being John Malkovic and Where the Wild Things Are, existentialism is also clearly portrayed in Her.

That science fiction quality is just the beginning, serving as a background and a means for Spike Jonze to delve deep into the inner self and being of the main character Theodore (played by Joaquin Phoenix) – a lonely, introverted writer who works as a professional.

As Theodore wished, this operating system identifies itself as female and takes the name Samantha (voiced by Scarlett Johansson).

The audience can laugh at Theodore’s pathetic foolishness and forget that they are only laughing at themselves.

To a lesser extent, online dating (Facebook or other social networking sites) is an intermediate stepping stone when the cycle of life becomes increasingly busy and bustling and people cannot arrange time.

‘Her’ - loneliness in the technology world

The character Theodore befriends a computer operating system named Samantha.

They can be happy with each other, but they can also meet a few times and then break up because the other person is not what they imagined.

Samantha is jealous because Catherine has a woman’s body and she doesn’t, so she suggests that Theodore hire Isabelle – a sex doll (played by Portia Doubleday) who takes on Samantha’s physical role so the two can have sex.

Previously, Theodore also had a blind date with an unnamed woman (played by Olivia Wilde) and everything went quite smoothly.

The negative impact of science and technology on human life is not an unusual topic in the films of Jonze or many other directors, but Her brings a much more unique and personal approach.

The two characters communicate through wireless headphones and smartphones, but after only the first moments of confusion and shyness, they completely convince and make the audience forget that Samantha is not real and turn her into a

Besides the lack of physical presence, Samantha seems to be every man’s ideal woman: considerate, gentle, thoughtful, caring, intelligent, attractive, good listener.

The first person who was assigned the role of Samantha by director Spike Jonze was Samantha Morton, but when he edited the first scenes, he did not feel the Samantha quality he had envisioned, so he decided to replace it with Scarlett Johannson.

‘Her’ - loneliness in the technology world

In `Her`, Scarlett Johansson does not appear for a minute on screen but only acts by voice through the character Samantha.

Just with her unique voice, the fiery beauty convinced the audience, giving the impression of an intelligent, attractive woman existing behind an invisible layer of matter.

Actor Joaquin Phoenix was excellent in conveying the character Theodore with a strangely sensitive body language: the tenderness when writing handwritten letters to `those he loves`, the concern for

The film is full of fragmented and broken relationships: Theodore divorces his wife, goes on an unsuccessful blind date, even his neighbor Amy divorces her husband and starts a new relationship with her husband’s operating system.

That’s what makes Her so great, instead of cramming boring dogmas, the movie makes each viewer see their own silhouette in it.

* Trailer for the movie `Her`

* Soundtrack song: `The Moon Song` – Karen O

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