Gullit: 'Burnley exposed Chelsea's weaknesses' 2

Gullit: 'Burnley exposed Chelsea's weaknesses' 2

The former Chelsea coach analyzed on the BBC the strategy Burnley used to force the top team to divide points in round 25 of the Premier League yesterday, February 12.

Not many teams have been able to challenge Chelsea’s three-man defense this season, but Burnley showed that they still have a way to approach Antonio Conte’s team’s goal.

Burnley were very skillful in this 1-1 draw, especially in the way they targeted Chelsea’s left flank, a less secure corridor than the right side of the top team’s formation.

Hazard failed to make a breakthrough against Burnley and even his movement habits were exploited.

Eden Hazard always moves like a stroll from the left sideline to the inside and moves further than Pedro, the player playing on the right sideline in the match at Turf Moor.

This caused Chelsea’s left-wing attacking defender, Marcus Alonso, to frequently push forward, leaving the wing empty.

Alonso is also not as strong as right-back Victor Moses when he has to retreat to support the central defenders.

Burnley did that on purpose early on with long balls to Andre Gray, forcing Gary Cahill and David Luiz out of the safe positions they occupied.

Cahill should have done better with his challenge on Barnes in Burnley’s half and Luiz should have intercepted the pass, after Barnes was bent forward.

Gullit: 'Burnley exposed Chelsea's weaknesses'

Gray missed a great opportunity to give Burnley the lead in the second half.

Their tactical intention and the way they execute it is proof that a reasonable system and attitude will give you a chance when facing a team with better squad quality.

Chelsea’s goal in this match is typical of the sharp counter-attack strategy, the weapon that brought Chelsea to the top of the table.

Sean Dyche’s team played the ball long from the first minute of the match, but they didn’t just kick the ball up for good luck.

It caused the ball to bypass the midfield, where Dyche knew his team would be overwhelmed, and reach the two strikers as quickly as possible.

Burnley played well in attack for most of the match, but those long passes were also a form of defence.

Instead of winning the ball in midfield and launching attacks from there, which Chelsea wanted, they had to advance the ball from a position further behind.

Gullit: 'Burnley exposed Chelsea's weaknesses'

Burnley uses many long passes from home to the two strikers.

That makes everything more difficult, especially against a team that runs hard like Burnley.

From Burnley’s perspective, much of the second half was about digging deep and trying their best defensively, rather than asking questions to solve Chelsea.

Chelsea had a lot of the ball in the second half but they didn’t find much space or create many chances.

Burnley have a phenomenal home record this season.

Dyche’s team had to work hard for every point they won, but this time, the draw was a completely worthy reward for Burnley.

I think this is also a good result for Chelsea because they could have lost.

Translated by Di Khanh

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