Guardiola: 'Man City should have scored more goals' 2

Guardiola: 'Man City should have scored more goals' 2

According to coach Pep Guardiola, Man City played sloppily and did not play properly at some times despite winning Man Utd 6-3 in the Premier League on October 2.

`We scored four goals in the first half and it should have been more,` Guardiola said after the win at the Etihad.

According to the Spanish coach, Man City played aggressively, exploited the space well and scored continuously thanks to the star moments of the attack in the first half.

Guardiola celebrates victory in the Manchester derby.

`Perfection does not exist. Man City plays well, and can play even better,` Guardiola added.

Yesterday, Phil Foden and Erling Haaland both scored hat-tricks to help Man City crush Man Utd 6-3.

In particular, Haaland scored three and assisted two goals, the best performance by a player in the Manchester derby in the Premier League.

Guardiola: 'Man City should have scored more goals'

Haaland scored a hat trick, but Guardiola still wants his students to participate more in the common play.

Praising Haaland’s goalscoring instincts, Guardiola wants the 22-year-old striker to touch the ball and participate in the play more.

Along with Haaland, Foden had a brilliant day when he raised Man City’s scoring record in all competitions to 51. At 22 years and 127 days old, Foden was the youngest player to reach 50 goals under Guardiola, breaking the record.

Foden sees the hat-trick against Man Utd as a dream come true and believes that he and Haaland will play even better in the near future.

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