FUNiX and 40 businesses provide programming training for workers 5

FUNiX and 40 businesses provide programming training for workers 5

FUNiX and 40 technology businesses launched the project 'Digital transformation of workers', providing free programming training for this group from November 19.

This activity provides learning opportunities for sustainable career change for workers, especially groups affected by Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the Information Technology industry in Vietnam has growth momentum and a large contribution to GDP, requiring a large number of human resources.

With many years of experience in organizing online information technology training, and a network of more than 100 business partners in the industry, FUNiX is the project implementation unit, receiving funding and organizing teaching.

In this project, 40 businesses accept responsibility with FUNiX for training and recruitment on a nationwide scale.

`This is also a good solution to provide human resources for the information technology industry, which is in serious shortage,` said a FUNiX representative.

40 IT businesses accompanied FUNiX to launch the Digital Transformation project for workers, providing opportunities to learn programming for workers who want to change careers.

Accordingly, employees who are workers and employees in occupations affected by Covid-19 and who wish to change their career to IT… regardless of age or gender, can participate and be accepted by the business.

The information technology career change course has a 6-month roadmap.

Ms. Le Minh Duc, Director of FUNiX affirmed: `With the companionship of businesses and FUNiX’s effective learning methods, workers can completely complete their career change learning plans.`

Workers participating in the program have 4 vocational options: Tester, Java Programmer, Full Stack Programmer and Mobile Programmer.

To date, FUNiX has accepted many students who have successfully changed programming careers from different jobs such as drivers, freelancers, chefs… Among them, Le Dinh Van – a garment worker in Quang Nam has become a successful programmer.

FUNiX and 40 businesses provide programming training for workers

Le Dinh Van – a garment worker in Quang Nam, determined to build a clear future for himself with opportunities for development, studied information technology online at FUNiX and successfully changed his career.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan An (Van Giang, Hung Yen) worked as a truck driver for more than 10 years before studying information technology online with the goal of changing his career to programming.

With the companionship of 40 information technology enterprises, the career change journey of affected workers and employees can be less arduous.

Workers are one of the human resources with rich potential and can be completely trained for digital transformation, filling the current shortage of information technology human resources.

Besides, Ms. Nghiem Thi Lan Phuong – COO AI Solution commented that IT is not difficult to learn and is a very open field with lots of potential.

Readers can register for the program here.

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