Former CIA agent: 'Chinese spies are strongly attacking New York' 2

Former CIA agent: 'Chinese spies are strongly attacking New York' 2

USThe CIA's former counterintelligence director accused China of targeting New York in an effort to recruit spies.

`New York is under stronger attack than ever,` James M. Olson, former director of counterintelligence of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), said on September 26.

`Their espionage program is huge. They actively exploit social networks and look for Chinese Americans who have feelings for the motherland of China,` Olson said.

Former director of counterintelligence of the CIA, James M. Olson.

New York Police Department (NYPD) employee Baimadajie Angwang, an American citizen of Tibetan descent, was arrested last week and accused of spying for China.

Angwang, 33, a military veteran and 2018 `Policeman of the Month,` faces charges including illegally operating as an agent of a foreign government, stealing information and declaring

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced in mid-last week that the Chinese consulate in New York is being used as a center for Beijing’s espionage efforts.

Olson, who teaches intelligence at Texas A&M University, said that `police, military, counterintelligence are very big targets` targeted by China.

H. Keith Melton, a CIA historical consultant, said that according to the process of hunting potential targets in New York, China’s Ministry of State Security would contact through overseas Chinese and send `acquaintances` there.

Olson further explained that potential candidates `all believe that what they are doing will not harm American interests.`

Olson, author of `To Catch a Spy: The Art of Counterintelligence,` said Angwang `can make thousands of dollars a month.`

Former CIA agent: 'Chinese spies are strongly attacking New York'

Angwang in New York Police uniform.

Although US officials did not reveal why Angwang was discovered, Olson said that `it could be because he was undisciplined, maybe he bragged to everyone or spent money carelessly.`

US Secretary of State Pompeo on September 23 also called on state officials to be wary of Chinese diplomats because of concerns about `espionage and influence` even at the local level.

Tensions between the US and China have increased recently over many issues such as the origin and handling of Covid-19, trade disputes, the East Sea, Hong Kong security law, Taiwan issues and Xinjiang.

Mai Lam (According to NY Post)

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