Ford Vietnam: 'Engine oil leaks do not cause vehicle safety' 2

Ford Vietnam: 'Engine oil leaks do not cause vehicle safety' 2

The company said that the oil leak in the locomotive and intake cooling tank pipes did not affect the vehicle's safety, and customers were not satisfied with this response.

On March 11, document No. 242 of Ford Vietnam, signed by Deputy General Director Nguyen Ngoc Khuong, responded to customer feedback related to the phenomenon of oil leaks in the locomotive and intake cooling tank pipes.

Ford Vietnam also affirmed that the oil leak phenomenon reported by customers did not cause engine damage or affect engine operation, including not affecting fuel consumption or engine oil consumption.

Oil leaked on the engine cover of Mr. Van An’s Ranger car.

The US joint venture informed that the company proactively contacted customers whose vehicles were affected to schedule appointments and repairs.

Regarding this issue, Mr. Nguyen To An, head of motor vehicle quality department, Vietnam Register, said he has sent an official dispatch requesting the company to explain and report no later than March 16.

With Ford’s response, many customers are still not satisfied with the same questions about the specific cause and is the company committed to thoroughly handling this oil leak phenomenon?

Mr. Van An (Nghe An) said that the Ranger, which had been glued by a dealer technician for the third time (February 14, 2020), was still leaking oil on the front of the locomotive.

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Quy Khanh (Hanoi), said that Ford’s answer still does not completely reassure customers.

`I just brought my Ranger to Ford Lang Ha, Hanoi on March 13 to handle the oil leak on the locomotive and intake air cooling pipe, then will monitor. The dealer said after two days it will be

Mr. Do Son (HCMC) said: `I have not taken the Ranger for repair because I want a more legitimate solution from Ford.`

Previously, on March 1, a group of Ford car owners met in Hanoi and sent representatives to work with the company.

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