Dong Thap will receive red-crowned cranes from Thailand 1

Dong Thap will receive red-crowned cranes from Thailand 1

After more than half a year of negotiations, Dong Thap reached an agreement to bring red-crowned cranes from Thailand to Tram Chim National Park, aiming to restore this rare bird species.

On May 16, Vice Chairman of Dong Thap People’s Committee Nguyen Phuoc Thien said that the two countries’ authorities continue to discuss and agree on steps to receive red-crowned cranes at Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo (Nakhon province), along with solutions.

A flock of red-crowned cranes once returned to live in Tram Chim National Park.

Red-crowned cranes are rare animals, so the transfer must go through many stages.

According to Mr. Thien, according to the roadmap, the first pair of cranes will be transferred to Dong Thap by a zoo in Thailand in 2024. These are two 6-month-old adult cranes, in the maturation stage.

Dong Thap determined that the crane conservation project will be carried out step by step by the province over a long period of time because it took Thailand decades to recover the crane population in the wild.

Dong Thap will receive red-crowned cranes from Thailand

Crane training in Thailand.

Master Nguyen Hoai Bao, Deputy Director of the Wetland Research Center (HCMC University of Natural Sciences), currently an expert consultant for the crane conservation project, said that initially the project planned to import eggs.

Tram Chim National Park is 7,500 hectares wide. In the past, flocks of cranes migrating from Cambodia were often visited, sometimes thousands of birds in the 1990s. However, due to population decline and mistakes in ecological environment management, the flock

At the end of last year, Dong Thap planned to receive a pair of cranes from the zoo in the capital Vientiane (Laos), but later one of the two animals died due to health reasons, so the return to Vietnam was postponed.

The red-crowned crane’s outstanding features are its featherless, red head and neck, stripes on its wings and gray tail.

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