Donald Trump tries to change his 'rude' image 0

Donald Trump tries to change his 'rude' image 0

After statements criticized as racist, billionaire Donald Trump sought to soften his image before entering the general election season.

US presidential candidate Donald Trump.

When billionaire Donald Trump took the stage last week with his family at the lavish Trump National Golf Club Westchester golf complex, the band’s famous song `We Are the Champions` played.

`I understand the responsibility of those who carry the responsibility, and I will never let you down,` Mr. Trump said.

Calm your voice

The billionaire’s speech to a crowd of golf club members and a series of camera lenses, on the night of the final Republican primary election, was much more subdued than before.

With many Republican voters expressing regret for supporting this billionaire, and threats to abandon choosing Mr. Trump as their representative, the only remaining Republican candidate is under pressure.

The audience attending the above event seemed surprised to find that the tone of Donald Trump’s speech was very moderate.

This is not the first time Mr. Trump has tried to change his public image to look more like a presidential candidate, after many times he and his campaign members participated in many controversial debates.

But after receiving harsh criticism, Mr. Trump clearly realized that he needed to change, at least on the final day of the primary election.

The difference in the nature of the speech can be most clearly seen when Mr. Trump spoke with the help of a teleprompter, which was personally checked by campaign manager Paul Manafort before Mr. Trump spoke.

Mr. Manafort is the strongest supporter for Mr. Trump to switch to a more moderate tone, increasing his appeal with a more presidential candidate style.

In his speech, Donald Trump directly targeted supporters of Democratic Party candidate Bernie Sanders – Hillary Clinton’s party rival.

Mr. Trump’s speech also did not contain the mocking tone that has followed this candidate all year long, when talking about his opponents and their supporters.

Storm criticized

The origin of the crisis Donald Trump is currently facing comes from an attack on US judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is presiding over a lawsuit over the defunct Trump University.

US House Speaker Paul Ryan, who announced last week that he would support Mr. Trump, strongly criticized the above statement as `the most obvious racist comment`.

Illinois Senator Mark Kirk withdrew his support for the Republican candidate after the above incident.

Mr. Trump’s recent statements have made some Republicans hope that the outspoken billionaire can change his tone, but many are also concerned about how long he can maintain that.

After the criticism, Mr. Trump, who often claims to always fight back instead of accepting defeat, issued a statement that was almost an apology.

Mr. Trump’s comments on the evening of June 8 included attacks on Mrs. Clinton, but did not contain the controversial conservative content and conspiracy theories that have become the `trademark` of the candidate’s election campaign.

`We cannot solve our problems just by relying on the politicians who created the problems,` Mr. Trump attacked Mrs. Clinton.

The billionaire then asserted that he was the only representative for changes in the race for the White House, with the aim of calling for support from across American politics.

`This election is not just about Democrats or Republicans, the key is deciding who will run the country,` Mr. Trump said.

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Donald Trump can be stopped at the last minute

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