Donald Trump is elected president, America is divided 2

Donald Trump is elected president, America is divided 2

Protests broke out after Donald Trump won the US presidential election with 290 electoral votes, far exceeding the necessary 270 votes.



Main developments:- Donald Trump won 290 electoral votes, becoming the 45th President of the United States.- Hillary Clinton only won 218 electoral votes, after losing in a series of important states.-

5:25 p.m

Anti-Trump protest in Portland

Hundreds of protesters marched in Portland, Oregon, upon hearing the news that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump won.

Protest against President-elect Donald Trump in Portland

>> The ‘most divided and bitter’ America awaits Donald Trump

5:24 p.m

Obama called Trump Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, said Mr. Obama called Mr. Trump after his victory.

5:19 p.m

Some American newspaper covers about Mr. Trump’s victory

5:12 p.m

Prime Minister Theresa May congratulated Donald Trump on his victory. `The UK and the US have a long-standing and special relationship based on the values ​​of freedom and democracy,` Mrs. May said in her congratulatory statement.

4:21 p.m

The power transfer plan was transferred to Trump before election night. Mr. Trump’s power transfer plan was transferred to Trump Tower at 5:00 p.m. on November 8, a Republican source revealed to CNN. The plan will

4:14 p.m

Anti-Trump protests in Los Angeles At the University of California, Los Angeles, hundreds of students marched against the newly elected US president.

Protest against Donald Trump in Los Angeles

4:04 p.m

President Putin sent a congratulatory telegram to Donald Trump. Putin has just sent a congratulatory telegram to US President-elect Donald Trump.

3:52 p.m

Anti-Trump protests broke out across the United States. Protests took place in many cities including Oakland, Los Angeles, Portland and New York.

A person walks past trash burned by protesters in Oakland, California.

3:46 p.m

Japan says it will work closely with Donald Trump `Nothing changes the fact that the Japan-US alliance is the foundation of Japanese policy and that Japan will work closely with the US for peace and prosperity in

An employee of a foreign exchange company in Tokyo, Japan watched Mr. Trump speak.

Katsuyuki Kawai, an advisor to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, said he is planning to go to Washington to meet Trump administration officials early next week.

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