Djokovic's biggest enemy 1

Djokovic's biggest enemy 1

Pride always accompanies Novak Djokovic at the pinnacles of his career, but it sometimes becomes arrogance that harms him.

Djokovic’s ambition to win Olympic gold ended in a way that no one, including the world’s number one tennis player, thought before participating in the tournament.

Djokovic had to compete under harsh weather conditions at the Tokyo Olympics.

Djokovic traveled by plane to Tokyo four days early.

Nole has carefully prepared the details at the Olympics, but seems to underestimate the difficulty of this event, in the context of many strong opponents withdrawing due to Covid-19 or personal problems.

The Tokyo Olympic schedule is very harsh, with most matches taking place in heat of 35 degrees Celsius and high humidity.

Djokovic's biggest enemy

When things went wrong, Djokovic couldn’t keep calm and had negative reactions.

The Serbian tennis player’s calculations initially seemed correct as he easily won four singles matches and two doubles matches.

Rublev won the mixed doubles title with Anatasia Pavluychenkova after losing in the first round of the singles event.

`I was exhausted both physically and mentally. I apologized a thousand times to Nina for withdrawing, but I couldn’t lift the racket anymore,` Djokovic admitted after the bronze medal match with Carreno Busta.

Djokovic is famous for his physical endurance.

It’s not the first time Nole has paid the price for subjectivity.

Djokovic's biggest enemy

Failure at the Tokyo Olympics caused Djokovic to miss the opportunity to become the first male tennis player to win the Golden Grand Slam.

Also in the summer of 2020, Djokovic launched the Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA) and declared his independence from the Men’s Professional Tennis Association (ATP).

Djokovic absolutely dominated with three consecutive Grand Slam championships in the first half of 2021. He equaled Federer and Nadal’s record of 20 Grand Slams, and has more than this rival duo in the number of major titles.

Djokovic’s physical and mental state are not in perfect condition when the North American hard court season takes place, with the focus on the US Open starting on August 30.

Djokovic will certainly look to recharge during the upcoming weeks of rest.

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