Death of Covid-19 patient 16

Death of Covid-19 patient 16

More than 2.5 million people have died from Covid-19, but the number does not describe the terrible torment that patients must endure before dying.

`Most of what I witnessed happened behind a closed curtain. The public often does not see this scene, not even the patient’s family. This is fortunate because many people do not have to see the worst side of this disease

nCoV attacks the lungs, making it increasingly difficult for patients to absorb oxygen.

`Imagine you are breathing through a small straw. You can do it for 15-20 seconds but try lasting for 2 hours, even days or weeks,` Dr. Jess Mandel, expert

According to Mr. Kennedy Remy, an assistant professor specializing in emergency medicine at the University of Washington, the patient felt like his lungs were being burned by fire or stung by thousands of bees.

Dr. Rice also noticed that Covid-19 patients had a greater feeling of impending death than other people he had treated.

Dr. Meilinh Thi, University of Nebraska Medical Center, also has a similar opinion: `Many patients, regardless of age, feel the end is very near. The scary thing is that those people will eventually die.

Covid-19 not only destroys the patient’s body but also tortures the mind.

`Many patients say they feel very lonely,` Dr. Thi shared.

`Staying in the hospital for two or three weeks, constantly breathing heavily, and not being able to be with your family are extremely stressful and scary things,` commented Dr. Remy.

A stay in the intensive care unit (ICU) for any reason significantly increases the risk of delirium – a state of confusion that can lead to agitation, fear and anger.

Anyone in the intensive care unit is supported by a variety of machines.

Dr. Thi said this method carries risks.

When these methods are still not enough, doctors must intervene with ECMO, a life support device system, using the `extracorporeal membrane oxygenation` method.

Many people get seriously ill, leading to kidney failure.

However, that is not all the wires on Covid-19 patients.

But sometimes, all these procedures cannot save the patient.

Doctors are preparing to transfer a Covid-19 patient to the ICU room.

When a patient needs a ventilator, their chance of survival is 40-60%, according to Dr. Remy.

When respiratory failure worsens, the patient is allowed to talk to relatives before being placed on a ventilator.

However, most patients develop very quickly, so before anesthesia, the last person they come into contact with in an awake state is usually the doctor.

The patient’s family is now allowed into the hospital to see their loved one one last time.

However, doctors all feel that death from Covid-19 is terrible.

Perhaps that’s why one patient begged him to advise everyone to wear masks, before falling into a coma.

Death of Covid-19 patient

This woman is holding her husband’s hand as a nurse plays his favorite song at St.

Mai Dung (According to Vox)

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