Date with hot, cheap dishes in Hanoi 2

Date with hot, cheap dishes in Hanoi 2

Hot fried dough, salty donuts, and hot wind cakes are ideal choices to help you dispel the early season cold in the capital.

The cold weather in Hanoi often makes many people want to find hot dishes that are not too expensive.

Porridge quẩy

Some places selling delicious fried porridge in Hanoi are Doi Can, Thanh Cong market, Hang Giay, Dong Xuan market… The price per bowl ranges from 7,000-15,000 VND.

In cold weather, fried porridge is the ideal choice.

In Hanoi, this popular delicacy is sold in many places such as dormitories, markets, near schools… Visitors can order a bowl of porridge plain, served with meat floss or, most commonly, with fried fish.

Grilled meat skewers

Date with hot, cheap dishes in Hanoi

Grilled meat skewers are often eaten with chili sauce.

Rows of fragrant grilled meat skewers are an impressive image when talking about winter in Hanoi.

The reason why the dish is attractive lies in the marinating stage.

Grilled skewers can be eaten alone or with bread.

Salty donuts

Date with hot, cheap dishes in Hanoi

Salty donuts are sold all year round.

The ingredients for this dish include glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice flour to create the crust and filling from pork, vermicelli, wood ear mushrooms, and pepper.

The cake is served with pickles, spicy and sour dipping sauce and maybe a little chili sauce.

Hot cast cake

Date with hot, cheap dishes in Hanoi

In some places, banh duc is also covered with dried onions to enhance the flavor.

An attractive winter dish, hot banh duc is made from plain rice flour, tapioca starch and fillings such as ground meat, wood ear mushrooms, dried onions… In the capital, this dish is flavored with various spices.

Depending on each restaurant, the seasoning also has many differences.

The price of a bowl of Banh Duc is about 12,000-15,000 VND.

Hot spring rolls

Date with hot, cheap dishes in Hanoi

You can buy banh gio for 13,000 to around 20,000 VND each, depending on the side dishes.

Banh gio is a dish suitable for both adults and children in Hanoi with the characteristic of always being kept in a sealed basket to keep hot.

Depending on the place, the cake is served with pickled cucumbers, sausages or sausages.

Boiled and grilled corn

Date with hot, cheap dishes in Hanoi

Grilled corn is easy to find all over the streets of Hanoi.

Among cheap winter snacks, boiled or grilled corn is quite popular.

In the cold Hanoi, many people often like to sit next to the rows of grilled corn along the road, warm their hands on the charcoal stove, and absentmindedly watch the street while waiting for a delicious ear of corn.


Date with hot, cheap dishes in Hanoi

Hot fried dough costs about 2,000 VND per piece and is most famous at Hang Bong, Ta Quang Buu, Doi Can, and Tran Nhat Duat.

The main ingredients of hot fried dough are flour and some other additives that help them expand evenly when fried.

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