Cycling a lot can cause male physiological decline 1

Cycling a lot can cause male physiological decline 1

Cycling is a favorite sport of many men, but this can very well be a danger that weakens their physiological life.

Cycling is an increasingly popular form of exercise because it is both good for health and environmentally friendly.

Cycling a lot can cause men to lose sexual function.

When men ride a bicycle, they put a significant portion of their body weight on the perineum, the area between the scrotum and anus and whose nerves and arteries lead to the penis.

Blood vessels are the most important factor involved in erectile function in men.

Not only cycling, but some other activities, if done for a long time, are harmful to the genitals, such as placing a laptop on your lap, driving a car, horseback riding, wearing pants that are too tight, sitting on the sofa for many hours.

A study at the University of Massachusetts, USA, showed that if men cycle more than 3 hours per week, they have a high risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Men should prioritize using bicycles with frames and saddles that are structured to create an upright sitting position when pedaling, which is better than bikes with a forward-facing position similar to racing bikes.

In addition to the things to pay attention to when participating in cycling, men should also take some notes when participating in other sports.

Cycling a lot can cause male physiological decline

Exercising in moderation and properly will help men stay healthy and fit.

Along with exercise, in order to improve physiological health, men can add specific essences for men such as Eurycoma Longifolia, French pine extract and ocean oysters to help support their health.

Even a healthy habit, if not done properly, can be potentially harmful to health in general and physiological life in particular.

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