CTO Heineken Vietnam: 'Digital transformation is a global strategy' 2

CTO Heineken Vietnam: 'Digital transformation is a global strategy' 2

Heineken considers technology to be part of its global strategy, applied in both operations and production to promote business and connect users, according to Mr. Nguyen Gia Anh Vu.

Mr. Nguyen Gia Anh Vu is currently the Senior Director of Digital and Technology, a member of the Heineken Vietnam Executive Board.

On September 22, Heineken was honored in the category `Consumer goods company with the best technology environment`, awarded at CTO Summit.

Mr. Vu representing Heineken Vietnam (third from left) received the honor at the CTO Summit.

– In your opinion, what are Heineken’s opportunities in the digital transformation journey?

– Heineken Vietnam owns a brand that has been present in the world for 150 years and has developed with Vietnam for more than 30 years.

The company has serious commitment and investment in accelerating digital transformation.

Nowadays, digital transformation is becoming a prerequisite for businesses to succeed in the future.

Along with opportunities, what challenges does the company encounter in the digital transformation journey?

– The first challenge is people.

– What is the unit’s vision for the digital transformation journey?

– We aim at digital transformation rather than digitization.

Currently, we always coordinate with departments to understand the needs and digital transformation opportunities of each unit.

We aspire to become the most connected company with a commitment to continue applying technology to the entire value chain, from production to the stage of bringing products to customers to create outstanding value for customers.

As at CTO Summit, I once emphasized: businesses should not try to follow the AI ​​movement but need to rely on specific problems, from there find solutions that AI supports.

CTO Heineken Vietnam: 'Digital transformation is a global strategy'

Mr. Nguyen Gia Anh Vu had a sharing that attracted hundreds of audiences at the CTO Summit.

– What values ​​does digital transformation at Heineken Vietnam currently bring?

Digital transformation applies to the entire value chain, thus also bringing new value from production units to distribution partners and consumers.

For factories, IoT applications are used to retrieve data from the system and analyze the operation of machines at the factory.

After production, beer bottles go to agents and business stores.

Products produced better, distributed optimally and according to needs, the ultimate beneficiary group are the users – those who enjoy fresh bottles of beer on the dining table or at meetings with friends and partners.

CTO Heineken Vietnam: 'Digital transformation is a global strategy'

Mr. Vu said the unit applies AI in production and distribution.

– With many years of experience in the FMCG industry and technology application in the industry, what advice do you have for Vietnamese startups?

– In my opinion, AI cannot replace humans but can optimize and bring better results.

At work, I promote many values ​​such as straightforwardness and sincerity in work and behavior.

AI4VN 2023 held at Riverside Palace, 360D Ben Van Don, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City.

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