Covid-19, 'the final straw' for people with serious underlying diseases 7

Covid-19, 'the final straw' for people with serious underlying diseases 7

nCoV attacks the lungs, worsening the underlying disease, along with respiratory failure, leading to rapid death.

At that time, not only elderly people with poor health but also young people with underlying diseases infected with nCoV will find it difficult to resist.

`When the number of deaths is recorded in young people, without underlying diseases, the new situation is more worrying,` the doctor said.

In Vietnam, most Covid-19 patients who died were between 47 and 86 years old, suffering from underlying diseases such as heart failure, cancer, chronic kidney failure, diabetes, hypertension… Of these 17 people

The ability of nCoV to attack many different parts can make the patient’s health condition worse.

In addition, people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes and kidney disease are more likely to become seriously ill after being infected with nCoV.

Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Huy Nga, former Director of the Department of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health, said the world situation shows that a normal person can also die from Covid-19, accounting for 3-5%.

`It has not been confirmed that having a serious underlying disease can cause the patient to die immediately, but Covid-19 is the reason that worsens the patient’s health,` Associate Professor Nga said.

How nCoV replicates in cells

The process of nCoV destroys the lungs.

More than 200 people including experts and doctors from central hospitals and some provinces supported the `battlefield` of Da Nang against Covid-19.

Experts warn that Covid-19 is in a complicated situation and requires increased vigilance.

In addition, people need to enthusiastically cooperate with the government, fully declare, monitor their health, and not neglect measures recommended by the Ministry of Health to prevent epidemics.

To date, Vietnam has recorded 321 imported cases that were immediately quarantined, with no community spread from this group.

From July 25 until now, 405 domestic infections have been recorded in 15 provinces and cities, all of which have epidemiological factors related to the outbreak in Da Nang.

More than 134,000 people who had close contact and entered the country from the epidemic area were quarantined.

Covid-19, 'the final straw' for people with serious underlying diseases

Nurse Nguyen Van Hai is setting parameters on the continuous dialysis machine, supporting intensive resuscitation for seriously ill patients at Da Nang Lung Hospital.

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