Covid-19 can cause brain damage 4

Covid-19 can cause brain damage 4

America Neurological experts around the world say a small group of Covid-19 patients show brain damage.

In addition to specific symptoms, some patients develop altered mental status or brain diseases.

In early March, a 74-year-old male patient in Boca Raton, Florida was brought to the emergency room with symptoms of cough and fever, but X-ray results did not indicate pneumonia.

The patient had a history of chronic lung disease and Parkinson’s.

On March 31, doctors in Detroit reported a case of a female patient, over 50 years old, infected with Covid-19.

A Covid-19 patient was admitted to Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens on March 27.

Doctors diagnosed the dangerous condition as acute necrotizing encephalitis, a rare complication of viral infection.

Dr. Elissa Fory, a neurologist at Henry Ford Health System, said that `the characteristics and rapid progression in just a few days indicate the nature of viral inflammation in the brain. This may

Reports of cases of stroke, seizures, and symptoms similar to encephalitis, hematomas, and numbness in the limbs have also been recorded in many other countries with the Covid-19 epidemic.

Patients presenting with encephalitis may lose control, react slowly, or exhibit strange, distracting behavior.

Scientists are working to learn more about this issue.

Experts believe that it is too early to conclude or determine the exact mechanism by which nCoV affects the nervous system.

In a recent report, Chinese scientists mentioned evidence that nCoV not only resides in the respiratory system but also attacks the central nervous system.

Neurologists in Wuhan were the first to note these symptoms in a report published in February. Experts in countries such as Germany, France, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and the US have also

Covid-19 can cause brain damage

A patient being admitted to Elmhurst Hospital in Queens on March 31.

Some positive patients came to the hospital with neurological symptoms without typical signs of Covid-19.

Dr. Nee said `it is worth mentioning that there were no symptoms of respiratory disease in these patients.`

Previous reports also confirmed that severe patients may develop neurological symptoms.

For Covid-19 patients and caregivers, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that `loss of consciousness or inability to stand up on your own` is a serious warning sign that requires intervention.

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