Closing the Chinese consulate, Trump cleared the way for re-election 4

Closing the Chinese consulate, Trump cleared the way for re-election 4

Ordering the closure of the Chinese consulate could help Trump gain an election advantage by emphasizing that Beijing is a dangerous enemy.

On July 22, the US State Department announced that it had requested the closure of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston, Texas, `to protect intellectual property and personal information of Americans`.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that the order to close the consulate `is a unilateral political provocation from the US side, a serious violation of international law, as well as fundamental norms.`

National Interest commentator Paul Heer did not seem too surprised by the suspicion that the Chinese consulate in Houston was involved in activities to influence and collect information inside and outside the Chinese community in the area, including

However, this expert said that ordering the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston `seems clearly to be a product of President Donald Trump’s re-election strategy`, to highlight the threat from China.

US President Donald Trump spoke at the White House on July 22.

`This will probably help Trump distract attention from his failure to control Covid-19, while pointing the finger at a foreign enemy who may be responsible for the pandemic.`

The commentator added that the Trump administration’s move also helps confirm the message of the White House’s campaign that Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, is too soft on the threat from China.

Some other critics also said that the decision to order the closure of the consulate in Houston was politically motivated.

`If the real reason is because China steals intellectual property, the US should close its consulate in San Francisco, which includes Silicon Valley. This decision is to please the Trump support crowd, who

Maine senator Angus King, an independent politician, said on July 22 that he had not received information about `any specific recent Chinese intelligence activities`, whether related to

`There are certainly legitimate reasons to confront China. However, I am concerned whether this move to escalate tensions is really aimed at confronting China, or because the election will take place in 4 months.`

Moon pointed out that choosing the Chinese consulate in Houston as a target not only helps Trump show his toughness, but also avoids the risk of causing serious risks.

An anonymous former official who left the Trump administration last year revealed that the President often rebuffed advisers calling on him to punish China more strongly, out of concern for harming trade negotiations.

According to commentator Heer, it is unclear whether the Trump administration has considered the potential consequences, but China will almost certainly respond accordingly, such as ordering the closure of a US consulate in the country or more.

In recent weeks, US national security advisor Robert O’Brien, FBI director Christopher Wray and US Attorney General William Barr have all emphasized the challenges, threats and dangers from Beijing to Washington.

However, Heer found that some statements went too far, exaggerating the nature and scope of China’s ambitions without providing convincing evidence.

`Closing the Chinese consulate in Houston could help block a tool to carry out Beijing’s schemes. But unfortunately, it also symbolizes the closure of US-China communication channels, right at a time when

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