Christian Bale - the great 'chameleon' of the silver screen 4

Christian Bale - the great 'chameleon' of the silver screen 4

Not only famous for the `Batman` series and his immersive roles, the Welsh actor also makes fans admire him when he is willing to `torment himself` to act in movies.

When talking about Christian Bale, there are two things that movie fans always remember.

Shining since the age of 13

For fans of the seventh art, few can forget how the British boy – Jamie Graham – in the movie Empire of the Sun struggled to survive during World War II, under the yoke of Japanese occupation.

At the age of 13, the boy born in Wales and born to British parents touched the audience’s hearts with his emotional performance.

Christian Bale as a child in the movie `Empire of the Sun` by legendary director Steven Spielberg.

The person who brought him back to acting was Sir Kenneth Branagh, a famous name in the British art scene.

Adapted from the book of the same name and shown in 2000, American Psycho revolves around Bateman, a rich guy with a perfect businessman cover but behind it is the sick soul of a serial killer.

Christian Bale - the great 'chameleon' of the silver screen

Christian Bale shows off his muscular muscles when playing murderer Patrick Bateman in `American Psycho`.

With a budget of 7 million USD, American Psycho achieved a revenue of more than 34 million USD and caused controversy because of its content and many bloody scenes.

The prominent name of modern Method Acting

A few years after the success of American Psycho, Bale continued to participate in low-budget film projects with the exception of the famous film Equilbrium.

Method Acting is a phrase that refers to a school of immersive acting that promotes authenticity, in which actors really think and share emotions with the characters they play.

Losing weight to play The Machinist is a typical example.

Christian Bale - the great 'chameleon' of the silver screen

Christian Bale’s weight change process through movies.

The sacrifice in The Machinist is impressive, but more importantly, it is not the only time in his career that Bale has surprised everyone.

The latter part was even more successful than the previous part with a revenue of over a billion USD and is still considered the best superhero movie of all time.

The image of Batman through Bale’s performance brings closer to the audience when he shows that he is also an ordinary person, can also be hurt but always tries his best to stand up and fight for his ideals.

Christian Bale - the great 'chameleon' of the silver screen

Christian Bale is associated with the image of the hero Batman in the film series `The Dark Knight` directed by Christopher Nolan.

Christian Bale became the most impressive Batman in history and when Ben Affleck was chosen to don the black cape in Man of Steel 2, many fans were disappointed because they just wanted to see Batman through acting.

Interspersed between three Batman movies in 7 years, Bale lost dozens of weight twice more to serve the two projects Rescue Dawn (2006) and The Fighter (2010).

To look like an addict, Bale forced his weight down to 66 kg and looked like a dried corpse when standing next to Mark Wahlberg’s muscular brother character.

“American Hustle” and its second Oscar nomination

By 2013, the name Christian Bale once again caused a stir when images of David O. Russell’s film American Hustle were released.

The condition that Bale set for the director was for him to gain weight as desired, otherwise he would abandon this project.

Christian Bale - the great 'chameleon' of the silver screen

Many people do not recognize Christian Bale in the movie `American Hustle`.

On screen, Bale had a good juggling act with co-stars Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper so that American Hustle was considered the work with the most uniform acting on the world screen last year.

Bale himself was also rewarded for his efforts to change his appearance with an Oscar nomination for `Best Actor`.

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