'Chinese Fauci' breathes new life into the fight against Covid-19 5

'Chinese Fauci' breathes new life into the fight against Covid-19 5

When Shanghai struggled to convince the public to stay home because of Covid-19 early last year, Truong Van Hong, known as `Chinese Fauci`, stepped in.

`People are bored to death at home, so the virus will also be bored to death,` infectious disease expert Truong Van Hong said in a typical Shanghainese accent.

Dr. Truong’s urgent and vivid public appeal immediately attracted the attention of the city of 25 million people, earning him the nickname `Dad Truong`.

Since last year, Zhang, head of Shanghai’s Covid-19 expert panel, has become the face of China’s fight against the pandemic.

He is currently one of the country’s most famous and respected medical experts, with nearly 4 million followers on the social network Weibo.

However, similar to Fauci, whose communication style made him stand out amid the chaotic Covid-19 response of former US President Donald Trump’s administration, Mr.

Dr. Truong Van Hong, head of the Covid-19 expert panel of Shanghai city, China.

`In China, we don’t often see a technocrat speaking to the public in this way. It’s not easy to be so straightforward in the current context, but Truong understands that as an expert, he means

Hoang Nghiem Trung, senior expert on global health at the US Council on Foreign Relations, expressed his agreement and assessed Truong `completely in line with the Chinese public’s expectations of intellectuals.`

Last year, when Chinese and foreign experts debated whether the antiviral drug Remdesivir or the Chinese medicine was more effective in preventing Covid-19, Truong implied in an interview that the debate was political.

Truong’s persuasion skills, along with his `uncompromising` virus containment strategy in China, paid off, when Shanghai only recorded 350 cases of nCoV infection in the community in June 2020.

Truong’s popularity does not only stem from his unique ability to persuade.

During a talk, Truong tried to explain to the audience the difference between cold and flu, because the two words seem similar in Chinese.

When advising people not to eat the same food on the same plate, which is a Chinese habit, Truong said: `We don’t advocate that, but that’s what everyone has to do. Not dividing food into different

In an interview with China Daily, when asked about his legacy, Zhang said that when the pandemic passes, he `will also leave quietly`.

Truong’s ability to explain complex issues also earned him the respect of senior officials.

However, fame often comes with scrutiny and controversial opinions.

This straightforward viewpoint caused Truong to be criticized.

On August 14, a post appeared on Weibo accusing Truong of plagiarizing part of his doctoral thesis 21 years ago.

However, Truong’s supporters still resolutely defended him publicly, claiming that the above accusations came from a group of people who wanted to eliminate Truong.

`Those who defend Truong do not reject all criticism just because they like him, but they think it is unfair that someone tries to discredit him just because of disagreement,` another said.

Truong did not directly respond to the attacks, but finally broke his silence after three weeks on August 18.

Five days later, Fudan University issued a statement saying the investigation `found no evidence of misconduct during the academic process` by Mr. Zhang.

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