China warns of tricks to sell 'phony' Covid-19 vaccines 3

China warns of tricks to sell 'phony' Covid-19 vaccines 3

Chinese officials warn people about online scams in which profiteers offer to sell Covid-19 vaccines that are not yet on the market.

`Please contact us if you need Covid-19 vaccine. This product is produced for export and quantities are limited so people have to line up. The product will officially launch on September 2,` said one

However, Chinese vaccine manufacturers have warned people to be wary of tricks for selling vaccines online, because no Covid-19 vaccine has been licensed for circulation in the country’s market.

Liu Peicheng, spokesman for Sinovac Biotech, said the above advertisement is not true, because Sinovac’s Covid-19 vaccine is in phase three of clinical trials and has not been licensed for market sale.

Photo of `Sinovac’s Covid-19 vaccine` advertised on Chinese social networks.

Another vaccine said to be from the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products was also `offered` for 498 yuan ($71)/dose and buyers were also advised to take three doses.

Wuhan Institute of Biological Products and parent company China National Biotec Group did not comment on the information.

Huang Simin, a lawyer in Wuhan knowledgeable about vaccine laws, said that it is illegal for individuals to sell vaccines on social networks, but authorities should also apply stricter management measures to prevent them.

`Due to the ongoing pandemic, everyone is anxious to have a vaccine, making some people willing to accept risks. Not everyone understands the strict regulations related to the new vaccine management law,` Ms. Huang said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said that 6 types of vaccines are undergoing phase three clinical trials, which means large-scale testing on humans.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on August 11 that the country has the world’s first vaccine against Covid-19.

Previously, Western scientists expressed concern about the speed of Russia’s vaccine development, suspecting that the country’s researchers may have `burned the stage` under pressure from the government.

However, in reality, Russia also possesses many achievements in vaccines, such as creating an Ebola vaccine that has been licensed by the government for emergency use, and is expected to soon be deployed in Congo.

Covid-19 has appeared in 213 countries and territories, causing more than 21 million infections and more than 757,000 deaths.

The pandemic has seen an unprecedented mobilization of funding and research to rush out a vaccine that could protect billions of people around the world.

Mai Lam (According to SCMP)

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