Bo Xilai says his wife is 'crazy' 0

Bo Xilai says his wife is 'crazy' 0

`She has changed, she is crazy, she often lies, in an abnormal state of mind she was forced to fight against me,` Bo Xilai objected to his wife's testimony given in court, adding

Bo Xilai in court on the morning of August 23.

The noon news of Chinese central television station CCTV reported that this morning the Jinan Intermediate Court released the testimony of Gu Kailai, a French architect, and photos of the house in France.

Bo Xilai was accused of accepting bribes from a billionaire named Tu Minh, with a villa worth $3.5 million in the southern French city of Cannes.

In the published trial proceedings, the prosecutor said that Bo met Tu Minh when he served as Minister of Commerce in 2004, and asked Tu to keep the villa in France a secret.

Ms. Gu told investigators that she told him about the house, and said that the proceeds from that house would be used to cover Bo Guagua’s living expenses abroad.

Video: Testimony of Coc Khai Lai

When asked if Bo Xilai knew Neil Heywood, Gu Kailai said Bo had never spoken to Heywood but had met the Briton once, when he and Bo Guagua returned to Chongqing once.

Ms. Gu testified that when Bo Guagua was threatened in 2011, she thought of a number of suspicious people, including Heywood.

Ms. Coc testified that Vuong Lap Quan `knew very well that Neil Heywood wanted to go to America to assassinate Gua Qua`.

Bo Xilai said Ms. Gu’s statements were unreliable.

To prove his point, Mr. Bo added that `she said her killing Neil was exactly like Kinh Kha assassinating King Qin, which proved she was crazy.`

Faced with Mr. Bo’s resistance, in the first minutes of the second day of trial, Chairman Wang had to ask him to pay attention to his words and attitude.

Late in the afternoon the court announced it would move to evaluate charges of Mr. Bo Xilai’s embezzlement of 5 million yuan (more than 800,000 USD).

On the second day of the trial, prosecutors mentioned two cases: the death of British businessman Heywood and the failed escape of former Chongqing police director Wang Lijun.

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