Bo Xilai admitted adultery 0

Bo Xilai admitted adultery 0

Former politician Bo Xilai, 64, told how he had an extramarital affair that made his wife extremely angry and took their son to live in Britain, on the third day of the trial with the defendants.

Bo Xilai in court today.

The former Chongqing Party Secretary, facing charges of embezzlement, bribery and abuse of power, said he and his wife were cold to each other and he knew almost nothing about her financial transactions.

`I had an extramarital affair. So she was extremely angry,` Bo declared, according to a statement by the Jinan city court, where the trial of China’s most notable case in the past 30 years took place.

`It was completely her idea to send Bo Guagua to you. She just informed me, and that’s it.`

Bo suggested that Ms. Coc may have encountered financial difficulties, leading her to accept the help of billionaire Tu Minh – who is said to have provided Bo’s family with at least $3.5 million in the form of

`She never complained about lack of money, and raising Qua Qua was mainly her responsibility,` Bo said.

The once-famous former politician said, `I understand Coc Khai Lai, perhaps it was financial problems combined with the desire to receive a lighter sentence that made Ms. Coc create evidence against me. All the evidence against

Bo Xilai denied embezzling the 5 million yuan but also said he `felt he should accept some responsibility` for letting the money fall into Ms. Gu’s bank account.

Previously, this morning, the Jinan Intermediate People’s Court wanted to clarify the testimony of witnesses about the accusation that Mr. Bo embezzled 5 million yuan (more than 800,000 USD).

According to the published trial proceedings, yesterday afternoon, the court heard the testimony of a witness named Vuong Chinh Cuong about the above embezzlement allegation.

Mr. Bo said Wang’s testimony was contradictory and unreasonable.

`My eldest son also studied abroad, I never had to worry about whether he would have difficulties,` court documents quoted him as saying.

`So why should I worry about whether they are having any difficulties or not?`.

A brief news report on national television this morning showed Mr. Bo sitting and taking notes while responding, during the third day of the trial.

Bo Xilai admitted adultery

Bac – Coc couple, in an undated family photo.

Mr. Bo Xilai served as minister of commerce, mayor of Dalian city and president of Liaoning province.

Bo Xilai used to be a member of the Politburo and was predicted to be promoted strongly after the Chinese Communist Party congress last year.

Bo Xilai said his wife was crazy

Yesterday, on the second day of the trial, the court released a video of Mr. Bo’s wife’s testimony claiming that he knew about the bribes.

Video: Second day of trial

Bo Xilai admitted adultery

Day two of Bo Xilai’s trial

Ms. Gu testified that when her son Bo Guagua was threatened in 2011, she thought of a number of suspicious people, including Heywood.

However, Bo Xilai said Ms. Gu’s statements were unreliable.

To prove his point, Mr. Bo added that `she said her killing Neil was exactly like Kinh Kha assassinating King Qin, which proved she was crazy.`

Faced with Mr. Bo’s resistance, in the first minutes of the second day of trial, Chairman Wang had to ask him to pay attention to his words and attitude.

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