Binh Ba had few customers in the first week of the ban 3

Binh Ba had few customers in the first week of the ban 3

From having 40 guests staying on the weekend, a motel on Binh Ba island, Cam Binh commune, Cam Ranh city (Khanh Hoa) has only welcomed 20 people in recent days.

The decision not to develop various types of tourism in Cape Hoi area, Binh Ba island and Hon Chut island in Cam Ranh city, Khanh Hoa province was signed by the Prime Minister in September and took effect from November 6.

Guesthouse owners in Binh Ba said that in recent days, visitors to the island and room rentals have decreased.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Huy – owner of the motel said that before November 6, there were many visitors here, but today there are very few.

Binh Ba Island is empty of tourists after November 6.

The surrounding island is famous for bustling tourism but is now suddenly quiet.

Mr. Thanh, who transports canoes to bring tourists from Cam Ranh to the island, sadly said: `Every day, I make more than a dozen trips back and forth, especially before November 6, there were many tourists, but these days it is very sparse, sometimes

Binh Ba had few customers in the first week of the ban

Shops selling dried seafood to tourists have become stagnant.

Talking to VnExpress, Mr. Tran Van Hoa – Chairman of Cam Binh commune (Cam Ranh) said that the local government does not encourage tourism development, but the existing tourism businesses on the island are mainly businessmen.

Mr. Hoa said that from the beginning of the year until now, Binh Ba has welcomed about 40,000 tourists.

On Binh Ba Island, there are nearly 1,000 households. In addition to aquaculture and going to the beach, people also make a living thanks to tourism development business.

According to the Prime Minister’s decision, Cape Hoi area, Binh Ba island and Hon Chut are located within the military base belt and are not allowed to develop other types of tourism.

According to the regulations on the scope of prohibited areas, protection and safety belts, Cam Ranh military base – a first-class military zone is strictly managed in land, water and airspace;

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