Biden's journey of 'comparing chopsticks' in choosing a female deputy 0

Biden's journey of 'comparing chopsticks' in choosing a female deputy 0

Choosing Biden's vice presidential candidate was not a spontaneous decision, but the result of a close consultation, investigation, and evaluation process.

All of the women who could become Joe Biden’s running mate must first face the same, sometimes confusing, questions in a preliminary interview: Agenda

That was just the beginning of an arduous journey to choose a single bright face of the Democratic Party to stand alongside Biden in the election campaign to compete with President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden (left) and Kamala Harris in a debate at the University of Houston, Texas, last September.

This process, in many ways, is unlike any search for a vice presidential candidate in American history, taking place under unusual public scrutiny as Biden announced from the beginning

Afterwards, hundreds of activists, lawmakers and other influential people called on him to choose a woman of color.

California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris is the chosen face, becoming the first woman of color, first Asian American, first person to graduate from a black university and first Californian

Interviews with people familiar with the matter show that this is the result of a very large and laborious selection process, the outcome of which is difficult to predict.

`During the deliberation process, Biden often asks questions like who shares common values with him, who can work with him, who can help him win, and who can be ready from day one.

The topic of ethnicity appeared in the interviews right from the beginning of the selection process.

As protests demanding justice for people of color broke out across the United States, a potential white candidate, Minnesota Democratic senator Amy Klobuchar, publicly withdrew from consideration.

Abrams and Illinois Democratic senator Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq war veteran whose mother is Thai-Chinese, were two of the candidates interviewed over the weekend.

The initial screening step was conducted by a team of four co-chairs, including former Connecticut Democratic senator Chris Dodd, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, former Biden advisor Cynthia Hogan and Delaware Democratic congressman.

Biden's journey of 'comparing chopsticks' in choosing a female deputy

They recorded more than 120 hours of meetings with party activists, interest groups and other stakeholders to come up with criteria for who is best suited to the Democratic Party and can serve the country well.

They met with more than 20 initial candidates, then prepared a presentation for Biden and his wife to narrow down the list.

Harris performed well in the meeting with the co-chair group.

During the meeting, she also shared about her close relationship with Biden’s late son, Beau, as well as her personal story of having immigrant parents from Jamaica and India.

The 11 candidates and 11 women who made it to the final round of selection continued to undergo private interviews with Biden, sometimes in person, sometimes online.

Celinda Lake, one of Biden’s campaign pollsters, researched the best way to introduce the personal stories each candidate brings to the campaign while also preparing them.

Each also underwent forensic vetting overseen by former White House counsel Bob Bauer, former national security adviser Lisa Monaco and former White House senior adviser Dana Remus.

12-15 lawyers evaluate each candidate’s profile, asking questions related to everything from personal financial situation, drug use history or romantic relationships.

Once he had enough information, Biden continued to consult privately with his family, including his wife and sister Valerie Biden Owens, longtime friend and advisor Ted Kaufman and political strategist Mike Donilon.

Teams of political research experts meanwhile began releasing information to the public.

After all, Biden faces enormous pressure to narrow his selection based on ethnicity.

Biden received a lot of feedback regarding candidate selection, most of which advised him to choose a woman of color.

The day before the announcement of the selected candidate, Biden sat at his desk with a laptop at his home in Wilmington.

Biden chats with Harris via laptop screen.

Biden wrote on a card what he wanted to convey: `I am calling you today because I have made my first decision in running for president. I have decided that I want you to join me in my effort

In the photo taken by Adam Schultz, Biden’s campaign photographer, capturing the above moment, Harris appears on the laptop screen.

Vu Hoang (According to Washington Post)

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