Beijing can place security agencies in Hong Kong 2

Beijing can place security agencies in Hong Kong 2

Mainland China's intelligence agencies may set up bases in Hong Kong when the Hong Kong security bill is passed.

Details of the security bill were announced by China’s National People’s Congress (Parliament) today, one day after it was proposed.

Foreign diplomats fear the bill could expand the presence of mainland intelligence and security agencies in Hong Kong, `endangering rights and freedoms` there.

Chinese President Xi Jinping during a working session with the delegation of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in Beijing, May 22.

Beijing’s security bill has caused financial markets to wobble due to concerns about risks to the financial center of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong security bill could escalate tensions between Beijing and Washington, in a context where relations between the two sides are already facing turbulence due to trade disputes and allegations about the Covid-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister Li Keqiang said in his annual report to parliament that China will establish a reasonable legal system and enforcement mechanism to ensure national security in the two special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Ma

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam vowed to `fully cooperate` with the Chinese parliament to complete the bill.

Beijing can place security agencies in Hong Kong

Chinese President Xi Jinping (front row, middle) with officials during the parliamentary session, May 22.

Beijing asserts that the bill in fact reinforces the `one country, two systems` principle, serving the interests and supporting Hong Kong’s development.

Some Hong Kong lawmakers oppose the security bill and warn that this is the `end` for the special zone.

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