Bao Yen sang with all her heart to celebrate her husband's recovery 2

Bao Yen sang with all her heart to celebrate her husband's recovery 2

The once famous female singer continuously sang 6 songs to celebrate her husband and younger brother's birthday.

On the evening of June 15 in Ho Chi Minh City, a music night with the theme `Love song Quoc Dung – Kim Tuan` took place.

About a week before that, the author of Spring Chorus had an accident while traveling on the streets of Saigon and suffered a head injury and broken shoulder.

Not yet completely healthy, musician Quoc Dung was still escorted to the concert by a doctor.

Bao Yen couldn’t help but feel emotional when recalling the time she and her family heard the news that her husband had an accident.

Bao Yen’s way of expressing her feelings for her husband is not too tragic but shows the `disruptive` quality that people often remember about Bao Yen at one time.

Although there is a lot of information about the broken marriage of the couple Quoc Dung – Bao Yen, during the music night to celebrate her husband’s 62nd birthday, Bao Yen devoted her best to music to express her feelings.

Bao Yen sang with all her heart to celebrate her husband's recovery

Bao Yen demonstrates a `fiery` voice that does not fade over time.

At the age of 55 and having not appeared on stage for a long time, Bao Yen still retains her stylish, seductive voice in her clear pronunciation and flourish in each note.

Quoc Dung’s friends said that while he was in the hospital, when he woke up from a coma, Quoc Dung had many things he couldn’t remember, but what he remembered most was that there were 5 more days until his music night with his brother-in-law –

There is a similarity between Quoc Dung and Kim Tuan, which according to Bao Yen is quite strange.

Bao Yen sang with all her heart to celebrate her husband's recovery

Quang Dung sang his heart out at the music night. Quoc Dung, a musician with many compositions that he performed quite successfully.

The program `Love Song Quoc Dung – Kim Tuan` lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes, with 26 selected songs, performed by singers such as: Quang Dung, Hanh Nguyen, Khanh Van, Thuy Duong, Dang Minh,

If Quoc Dung has Spring Chorus, Have You Seen Spring yet, Mai, Shyness, Tet Song for You, Old Road, Homeland of Love and Youth, Sweet Pain… then Kim Tuan has Come

The compact, cozy music night in the tea room on the evening of June 15 was a meaningful and spiritual birthday gift that the organizers and audience gave to both musicians, as well as the wishes that everyone had for them.

* Photo: Quoc Dung ponders when listening to his wife sing

* Clip:

– Kim Tuan accompanied his nephew on the guitar

– Quoc Dung’s two sons sang at their father’s music night

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