Bang Kieu: 'I've been more open since I fell in love with Duong My Linh' 2

Bang Kieu: 'I've been more open since I fell in love with Duong My Linh' 2

The male singer felt guilty for not disclosing his relationship sooner, causing his girlfriend to suffer from public opinion.

– What made you and Duong My Linh decide to make their relationship public after a long time of avoiding it?

– Linh and I met at the end of 2013. When we decided to get to know each other, we didn’t hide this from our friends and family, we just didn’t announce it in the media.

Singers Bang Kieu and Duong My Linh.

– How do the rumors affect your relationship with your girlfriend?

– Besides the support, some opinions say that Linh is the third person who caused my ex-wife and I to divorce.

For a long time I was silent because I didn’t want to affect my loved ones.

–¬†When did you know Duong My Linh?

– I think everything belongs to the word `fate`.

– What do you see as attractive in this girlfriend?

– Linh has many points that I think people will really like if she comes into contact with her.

Since I met Linh, I feel like I have changed and become more complete, caring and sharing.

– How does your ex-wife react to your new relationship?

– Life in America gives her a rather open perspective compared to other women.

We are very open.

Bang Kieu: 'I've been more open since I fell in love with Duong My Linh'

Duong My Linh often accompanies Bang Kieu on tours abroad.

– He constantly runs shows in many countries and is not often with his children.

– My work usually only takes me on weekends. On weekdays I still go to take my two older children to school and play with the younger one.

– How did your children react when they found out their father had a girlfriend?

– I talk to my children regularly and consider them as friends, so when I have a girlfriend, I also confide in them and ask them what they think.

– How do you and Duong My Linh plan on a long-term relationship?

– I am someone who has been through a marriage while Duong My Linh has not.

For me, when I have feelings for someone, I want a long-term and peaceful relationship.

– How is your current singing job?

– Recently I went back and forth between the US and Vietnam.

In addition, I am also initially preparing for the second live show to be held in my hometown taking place in October this year.

Bang Kieu: 'I've been more open since I fell in love with Duong My Linh'

Their romantic image during a tour in Europe.

– When you first acted in a movie, what surprises did you encounter?

– I didn’t have much surprise because I was born into a theater family, so acting has been in my blood since childhood.

– Duong My Linh is not only a model but also an actress.

– Because Linh also does art, we also exchange and complement each other on career issues.

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