Bac Ninh's formula for keeping '3 on-site' factories safe 11

Bac Ninh's formula for keeping '3 on-site' factories safe 11

The `3 on-site` model can actually still be successful if the input workers are well controlled and risk scenarios are prevented if F0 exists.

After less than a month of implementation, many factories in the South applying the `3 onsite` model are facing many challenges.

As the leader of one of the localities that implemented the 3-on-site model well in the past, Mr. Vuong Quoc Tuan, Vice Chairman of Bac Ninh, admitted to VnExpress `this is a very difficult task with many potential risks`.

In order to keep factories from being `penetrated` by Covid-19, Bac Ninh must prepare in detail before starting implementation.

`We have repeatedly emphasized the challenges of 3 on-site with businesses and asked them to be very careful and serious when participating,` Mr. Tuan said.

One of the most important points, ensuring Bac Ninh’s safe production, is controlling input workers.

Mr. Lam Thanh Son, Head of Labor Management Department of Bac Ninh Industrial Zones Management Board, said that workers must undergo at least 3 tests (1 rapid test, 2 PCR tests) to enter the house.

Businesses during this period are only allowed to use workers on payroll, not on a seasonal basis.

After that, workers continue to be tested for the first time with PCR for Covid-19 before being tested a second time by the same method in the next 3-5 days to be allowed to enter the factory to work.

To protect the source of virus-free workers after screening, these accommodation areas have a Covid-19 safety team to manage.

The company can arrange for these workers to eat, stay right in the factory or take them daily from the accommodation to the company, as long as they can ensure isolation conditions.

`The seating positions in the car or the eating positions are clearly determined for each person. Which seat is the exact one, going to work in the exact same factory, eating in the exact same position and then returning,` Mr. Son said.

Chairman of the People’s Committee of Bac Ninh province inspected the workers’ accommodation area.

Factories in Bac Ninh also prepare a number of `clean` virus workers, staying at motel locations, ready to replace workers who are `on-site` in the factory when necessary.

Workers temporarily out of work in boarding houses are required to be managed as F2 in residential areas, ensuring epidemic prevention while applying Directive 16. Localities assign responsibility to each boarding house owner and regional police if

`Bac Ninh clearly stipulates that workers at home and businesses around the accommodation area are not allowed to sell to these people. The purchase and sale of food and necessities will be centralized through one focal point.`, he said.

When entering production, to prevent the virus from penetrating, businesses also focus on sealing possible gaps.

Mr. Son said, according to analysis, the virus can attach to 4 sources to attack the factory.

The first is the workforce at the factory.

Bac Ninh's formula for keeping '3 on-site' factories safe

Take samples for testing in the industrial park.

Second is the team of foreign experts.

Third is with vehicles transporting goods in and out.

`In many businesses, they even push it to a higher level: after the car is sprayed with disinfectant, the company driver will drive the car into the factory, unload the goods, then return the car to the driver. The documents are not handed over.

Finally, there are the company’s partners.

`In the factory, once a week, we will take samples to test 30% of the company’s employees, focusing on subjects with complicated epidemiological factors such as drivers, receptionists…`

Besides, Bac Ninh also has plans to handle F0 infections if they accidentally appear in the factory.

According to Mr. Vuong Quoc Tuan, the province has assigned responsibility to the chairmen of the district People’s Committee where the enterprise operates to participate in directing the situation of the enterprise having F0.

`That is not the business’s business, the Industrial Park Management Board even though the business also has a plan to handle it,` Mr. Tuan emphasized.

Before allowing the business to operate, he said, the province organized many rehearsals of situations when F0 appeared in the factory for businesses to observe, learn and simulate.

`The processes must be very strict. If they can’t be strict, they shouldn’t be done,` Vice Chairman of Bac Ninh emphasized again.

Up to now, Bac Ninh’s businesses have been transferred to a new normal state with more appropriate relaxation methods.

Looking back, Mr. Son assessed that 3 on-site is probably the best option for businesses to still produce at a minimum level to keep the supply chain from being broken.

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