A land that worships fat men as heroes 1

A land that worships fat men as heroes 1

Possessing a giant butt is always the dream of every child in the Bodi tribe and the person who owns the biggest belly will be respected by the villagers for the rest of their lives.

Men living in the Bodi (also known as Me’en) tribe of the Omo Valley, southern Ethiopia always compete to become the fattest person during the Ka’el festival.

Men in the Bodi tribe always try to be the fattest so they can be heroes.

Ka’el is a traditional and long-standing festival of the people of this tribe, usually held in June. During the ceremony, men in the tribe will spend hours walking around a sacred tree and are greeted by women.

The person chosen as the fattest at the ceremony does not receive any valuable prize, but he will be treated with respect by the villagers and considered a hero for the rest of his life.

A land that worships fat men as heroes

After 6 months of nourishment, the men participating in the competition were noticeably fatter.

After the ceremony, the fat men’s lives returned to normal.

Six months before the `fat man` contest, each family in the tribe will be allowed to nominate an unmarried man.

A land that worships fat men as heroes

The women in the tribe will wear their best clothes on the day of the festival.

The food to `fatten` the contestants during these 6 months is a mixture of cow’s blood and milk.

Each `meal`, they will have to drink 2 liters of this blood and milk solution and must drink it quickly before it freezes.

On the day of the festival, the boys participating in the fat man contest will stagger towards the venue.

Today, the strange custom and Ka’el ceremony is at risk of being lost as the Ethiopian government plans to resettle more than 300,000 people and the land will be disturbed.

Road to Bodi tribe:

Tours to visit the Omo Valley are becoming popular.

First, to get to the Omo valley, you need to take a flight to Addis Ababa – the capital of Ethiopia.

A tour to this location usually begins with a drive through the Great Rift valley.

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