7 principles for preserving branded leather bags 5

7 principles for preserving branded leather bags 5

With a bag worth thousands of dollars, you need to apply moisturizer to them every month.

1. Use leather protection solution

Today, there are spray solutions on the market that help waterproof bags against oil and water, reducing the possibility of stains.

The solution is produced in two popular forms: gel and milk to help increase the durability of the bag.

2. Store the bag properly

This is an important rule if you do not use this accessory often.

Handbags should be stored neatly and upright so they maintain their shape.

3. Remove dirt properly

Each type of stain will have a suitable removal method.

– Food stains: Sprinkle with white chalk powder and leave overnight.

– Oil stains: Quickly sprinkle cornstarch onto the stain, rub vigorously until the area becomes hot to help the powder absorb the oil quickly.

– Ink stains: With new ink stains, use whitening eraser to remove the stain immediately.

– Dirty water stains: If the bag accidentally gets stuck in mud or dirty water, let it dry naturally.

– Bad smell: Put a bag of baking powder in your bag or put it in a vacuum bag for 1-2 days.

4. Store the lining inside the bag

With liquid cosmetics or liquid bottles, you should wrap them in a separate plastic bag before putting them in your bag to avoid spilling out and damaging the lining.

7 principles for preserving branded leather bags

Cleaning the bag is not enough, you need to apply leather cream every month to keep it beautiful and durable.

5. Take care of the metal part on the bag

The metal part contributes significantly to the appearance of the handbag.

Sixth, with stains that are difficult to treat or damage that cannot be repaired over time, the advice is to take them to a professional facility.

7. Maintain habits when using designer bags

– Avoid holding the bag directly if your hands are dirty, hold it indirectly through a towel.

– Avoid leaving the bag exposed to the sun for too long.

– If possible, use different bags alternately to avoid one bag degrading too quickly.

– Use a specialized brush for suede when preserving this material.

– Use moisturizer for leather, apply evenly to the bag every month, making the leather bag more supple and limiting cracks.

– Every week, wipe off dust on the bag with a soft cloth.

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