5 delicious frog dishes on a cold autumn day in Hanoi 3

5 delicious frog dishes on a cold autumn day in Hanoi 3

On cold days in Hanoi, there is nothing warmer than gathering with friends and enjoying the hot flavors of dishes made from delicious and nutritious frogs.

Nutritious and delicious field frogs have long been classified as a specialty with many delicious variations such as spicy and sour hot pot, braised banana beans, roasted with salt, stir-fried with bamboo shoots… Each dish creates a special, steaming flavor.

Spicy and sour frog hot pot

Frog hot pot is a good suggestion if you are familiar with other common types of hot pot.

Frog hotpot served with water spinach, tofu, bean curd and vermicelli is very delicious.

Frog braised with bananas and beans in a clay pot

The fatty taste of the frog mixed with the sweetness of the banana, adding the sour taste of the batch, accentuating the spiciness of the chili… creates a delicious and attractive flavor for the braised frog dish with banana and beans.

Frog skin fried in butter

Clean the frog skin, drain it, marinate with spices including honey, seasoning powder, ground pepper, parsley, cooking oil… Heat the cooking oil, add garlic and saute until fragrant, then add the frog skin and butter.

5 delicious frog dishes on a cold autumn day in Hanoi

Frog skin is crispy, fragrant with butter and not greasy, suitable for mixed drinking parties.

Salt roasted frog

Roasted frog with salt is hot, fragrant with salt and lemongrass.

Frog stir-fried with bamboo shoots

Frog stir-fried with bamboo shoots easily conquers eaters because the frog meat is firm, sweet, fragrant with a mildly sour bamboo shoot taste that is just right for the mouth.

5 delicious frog dishes on a cold autumn day in Hanoi

Stir-fried bamboo shoots and frogs go well together, the bamboo shoots taste slightly sour and the frog meat is firm and sweet.

Reference addresses for you to enjoy delicious variations from frogs are: Claypot restaurant on Giang Van Minh street, Ngan Beo hotpot on Truc Bach street or Gag Gu frog hotpot on Truong Dinh street.

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