4 reasons you haven't become a millionaire yet 3

4 reasons you haven't become a millionaire yet 3

Money is not a complicated subject, but very few people understand how it works and fail in the money game.

Traveling abroad, donating tons of money to charity or retiring early are common actions of the rich.

1. You don’t understand how money works

Money is not a complicated subject.

Rich people understand very well how money works.

Millionaires understand that money is not something that can be dug up, won, or created by chance.

Solution: Read some famous books, like `Rich Dad, Poor Dad` by Robert Kiyosaki or `The Richest Man in Babylon` by George Clason.

2. Not appreciating the importance of education

Maybe it’s because you’re busy.

In a recent interview on The Tim Ferriss Show, Noah Kagan said he reads books every morning and spends time every Tuesday morning studying.

When was the last time you made a study schedule?

Solution: Listen to Noah Kagan’s interview.

3. Spend all your money every month

You will say that your boss pays you poorly, the company is not doing well these days, or any other reason to justify not having much money left over every month.

Millionaires always live on less money than they earn.

Solution: Check your bank account details every 3 months, see what you’ve spent on and categorize them.

4. Do not collect assets

Work will never make you rich.

Millionaires are doing this very actively.

Your car is not an asset.

So, don’t collect them anymore.

Solution: Make a specific list of all assets in your life, as well as their current value.

Becoming a millionaire is not impossible.

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