4 Korean dishes that are making waves in Hanoi 2

4 Korean dishes that are making waves in Hanoi 2

Spicy tteokbokki, crispy fried gimbab, cool black noodles or attractive mixed rice are Korean dishes loved by many people.

Korean cuisine is famous for its many delicious and impressive dishes.


Tteokbokki has an eye-catching bright red color and a rich, spicy sauce suitable for Hanoi’s winter.

Tteokbokki is a traditional Korean spicy rice cake, sold mainly at sidewalk stalls in the land of kimchi.

Ingredients for preparing tteokbokki include garaetteok rice cakes, gochujang chili sauce, meat, eggs, spices and vegetables.

Tteokbokki has the taste of gochujang chili sauce so it is not suitable for people who are not used to it or hate spicy food.

Fried gimbab

4 Korean dishes that are making waves in Hanoi

Even though it’s a fried dish, diners don’t get bored easily.

Gimbab (also known as kimbab) – one of the Korean dishes sold a lot in Hanoi – is seaweed rice rolls with fillings including eggs, sausage and vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers…  This dish

As the most popular type of preparation, fried gimbab has the same method as the traditional one, but after being rolled, it is rolled in chicken eggs and flour, finally fried until crispy and then cut into small pieces.

Presented on a plate, each piece of gimbab will have a beautiful golden color.

Dao Tan, Tran Vu, Dang Van Ngu, Ngoc Khanh streets are easy places to find this dish.

Black noodles

4 Korean dishes that are making waves in Hanoi

Although the price is quite high, black noodles are still a favorite Korean dish in Hanoi.

Black noodles are a famous Korean cold noodle, eaten a lot in the summer with cool broth and lots of cooling foods such as green beans, bean sprouts, cold meats, and vegetables like tomatoes.

The characteristic of this dish is the noodles mixed well with black bean sauce, creating a special, attractive color.

You can enjoy black noodles on Tran Vu, Xa Dan, Ngoc Khanh streets for an average price of 55,000 VND per bowl.

Mixed rice

4 Korean dishes that are making waves in Hanoi

When eating, you just need to mix the ingredients placed in the bowl and you will have a delicious rice dish.

Among the popular Korean dishes loved in the capital is mixed rice.

Mixed rice is eye-catching with its many harmonious colors, plus the sweet, sticky flavor of the rice and the rich flavor of the meat.

Ngoc Khanh, Tran Vu, Xa Dan are places that sell mixed rice.

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