3 ways to help enhance male physiology 2

3 ways to help enhance male physiology 2

Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and supplementing nutrients that increase testosterone and nitric oxide production helps men improve their physiological health.

A study from King’s College London (UK) published in 2019 said that the number of men with erectile dysfunction has doubled over the past 25 years and is getting younger and younger.

The report shows that the trend of erectile dysfunction in men is still increasing because of the negative effects of modern lifestyle.

Erectile dysfunction not only affects men’s sexual activities but can also be a sign of cardiovascular disease.

According to Professor Tran Quan Anh, Chairman of the Vietnam Sexual Medicine Association, to improve overall health as well as physiological function, men should apply the 3 solutions below at the same time.

First of all, men should supplement specific nutrients for the body.

Testosterone participates in the process of creating muscle and male characteristics such as body shape, voice, hair, improving physical and mental health.

`If testosterone is known for its role in creating desire and vitality, then nitric oxide helps increase fighting power and prolong sexual intercourse for men. Testosterone and nitric oxide are the main components.`

The second solution that men cannot ignore to increase vitality is a reasonable, balanced diet.

Young men with erectile dysfunction or men concerned about heart health can follow the DASH diet, designed to improve heart health and keep blood pressure stable.

3 ways to help enhance male physiology

Cardio exercises are good for cardiovascular health and overall body health.

In addition, men also need to increase exercise to improve their health.

People who want to lose weight quickly and improve cardiovascular health can refer to cardio exercises.

If you don’t want to be constrained by specific movements, you should participate in the sport you love.

3 ways to help enhance male physiology

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