20 things not to miss when in Phu Quoc 3

20 things not to miss when in Phu Quoc 3

With a motorbike, you can run around the island, stop by any beach to swim and picnic right on the shady roads.

Below are 20 experiences that any tourist wants to do when coming to Phu Quoc, Kien Giang:

1. Watching the sunset at Dinh Cau: Located in Duong Dong town, the rocky rapids are shaped like a strange mountain with waves crashing on three sides. The mountain top is adorned with an ancient temple with a mossy tiled roof and a pair of dragons flanking the moon on the roof.

2. Diving to see coral at Hon Thom: Here you can dive to see coral, see fishermen’s aquaculture areas, pearl farming areas and pearl processing areas.

Tranh Stream during the water season.

3. Picnic at Suoi Tranh: From June to September is the time when the stream has a lot of water.

4. Swimming in Da Ban stream: Legend has it that these rocks are where fairies often sit and cool off each time they descend to the world.

5. Admire the landscape of Da Ngon stream: Abundant water source, charming scenery, from November to April is the most ideal time to visit the stream with a scenery not unlike that in the Central Highlands.

6. Enjoy swimming on Long Beach: One of 10 beaches voted by international magazines as the most pristine and beautiful in the world.

7. Satisfy yourself with Sao beach: This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc, located near Tranh stream, which has a moon-shaped, smooth white sand bank more than 7 km long.

20 things not to miss when in Phu Quoc

Around the pearl island are countless beautiful beaches that you can stop to explore.

8. Wild Khem beach: A tourist area exploited by local people, this beach is famous for its powdery white sand, cheap prices and delicious seafood.

9. Explore Ganh Dau cape: The cape protruding into the sea in the Northwest of the island attracts tourists with its wild and unique natural beauty.

10. Exploring Phu Quoc National Forest: Located on Ham Rong, Ganh Dau and Cua Can mountains, the island’s green lungs contain many rare tree species with zigzag red dirt trails.

20 things not to miss when in Phu Quoc

Simple life in fishing villages.

11. Visit the ancient fishing village of Ham Ninh: The village’s main occupations are diving to catch pearls, sea cucumbers (dôn dot) and making crab nets.

12. Visit Coi Nguon Museum: The 9th private museum currently in Vietnam, storing more than 3,000 antiques, including 300 sets of books about Phu Quoc in Chinese, Vietnamese, English, and French characters.

13. Learn about Phu Quoc prison: Visiting the prison relics and witnessing the artifacts left here, you will see more clearly the patriotism of our people and understand more about the nation’s history.

14. Visit Nguyen Trung Truc temple: The temple was built by Phu Quoc people to commemorate the hero who contributed to the country and the people.

20 things not to miss when in Phu Quoc

Outside of Phu Quoc prison, also known as Cay Dua prison.

15. Gifts from fish sauce manufacturers: Phu Quoc has over 100 active fish sauce manufacturers and annually produces hundreds of thousands of liters of finished fish sauce with a traditional method of making more than 100 years.

16. Burn incense in Ho Quoc Pagoda: This is a newly inaugurated pagoda near An Thoi town, with a view of the beach.

17. Go to Phu Quoc market: The market is busy from dawn with all kinds of boats carrying fruits and seafood arriving.

18. Pick rambutans yourself: During the harvest season of June – July, the fruit orchards along the road to Duong Dong town are ripe with rambutan fruits.

20 things not to miss when in Phu Quoc

Fresh seafood.

19. Pepper garden: Phu Quoc pepper is famous for being spicy and has a stronger aroma than pepper grown in other countries.

20. Enjoy seafood at Dinh Cau night market: the night market opens from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. every day in Duong Dong town, where you can freely choose and taste delicious dishes not to be missed such as sea urchins, lobsters, and herring salad.

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