10 most expensive shoes in the world 0

10 most expensive shoes in the world 0

Most of these shoes are decorated with thousands of diamonds, platinum, gold...

1. Ruby-embellished shoes in the movie `House of Harry Winston`

In 1989, on the 50th anniversary of the release of the movie `House of Harry Winston`, the producer introduced shoes made entirely from rubies, based on what actress Judy Garland wore in the movie.

10 most expensive shoes in the world

2. Stuart Weitzman `Rita Heyworth` high heels

These shoes were designed specifically for actress Rita Heyworth – an icon of classic beauty.

10 most expensive shoes in the world

3. Stuart Weitzman’s jeweled heels

This beautiful design by Stuart Weiztman was inspired by a stone necklace for ladies.

10 most expensive shoes in the world

4. `Cinderella` shoes by Stuart Weitzman

With a transparent heel and straps studded with nearly 600 Kwiat diamonds, these shoes are considered Princess Cinderella’s magic item.

10 most expensive shoes in the world

5. Stuart Weitzman `Platinum Guild` stiletto heels

Add a pair of shoes from talented designer Stuart Weiztman to the top.

10 most expensive shoes in the world

6. Stuart Weitzman `Retro rose` heels

Inspired by 1940s fashions, Stuart Weiztman created the `classic rose` shoe.

7. Sequined shoes from the movie `Wizard of Oz`.

The movie `The Wizard of Oz` was a cinematic phenomenon in 1939. Up to now, the items used by little girl Dorothy in the movie are being auctioned by collectors.

8. Stuart Weitzman heels

Designer Stuart Weitzman is famous for his expensive shoes, made entirely by hand and decorated with many precious stones.

9. Indian sandals in the 18th century

These sparkling sandals once belonged to Nizam Sikandar Jah, an 18th-century Indian prince. The design is encrusted with intricate patterns, studded with gems and diamonds all over to represent royal power.

10. Nike sneakers

The only pair of sneakers in the top 10 is studded with 11 carats of brown diamonds.

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